Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Random Thoughts for today...

Well, I am kind of at a loss as to what to post today. I even went looking at meme's to see what kind of 'theme' is out there for Tuesday but none interested me. I guess I'm in one of my *blah* funks with no reason.
I guess I could tell you how I've taken on homeschooling this year and how that is going. It has it's good days and it's bad days. The older two were playing so well together this morning that I didn't even mention schoolwork until lunchtime. That allowed me to get some things done beforehand, too. And now they are working away, no arguing, no protesting, no tears! And yes there have already been tears. Our oldest is a perfectionist....to a fault sometimes. He gets it in head that he CAN'T do something, doesn't know what it means, etc. then gets all worked up about it. When in fact, he can do it and does know it! He's been upset over reviewing prepositions and adverbs in English and yesterday morning he had a test that he was dreading ~ he FLEW thru it and missed two out of 35, still a good grade. So, while I wasn't looking forward to it and I'm still not crazy about the idea we're hanging in taking it one day at a time.
My youngest is three, so he gets left out of the schoolwork, at least in his mind. So I picked up some little workbook/coloring books on phonics and numbers to occupy him some. Last week I started with the letter 'A' I was thinking I'd teach him the vowels first (like the other two learned in preschool) but he still gets his ABC's messed up sometimes so I think we'll go thru the alphabet in order. Anyways, since we did two days on the letter A he walks around saying "A says ah, ah, ah, apple! A says ah, ah, ah, alligator!!" So we moved on to the letter "B" today so hopefully I'll hear him muttering "B says buh, buh, buh bat" later today!
On another note, if you've been reading my Thursday Thirteen's the last two weeks you know how I love to travel, right? Well, my friend Jamie lives in California. I've wanted to go visit several times, checked airfare, thought about it then proceeded to talk myself out of it after seeing how much airfare is. Well, my sister in-law is getting to go visit her in November and she was telling me how cheap her airfare is.
So we come home and my hubby says "tell her to find you a ticket that cheap and you can go" well, I immediately thought yeah, right. Who's going to take care of the kids, the house, the animals? But you know what I emailed her anyways. HE'S going to take care of everything here (little is he thinking he'll have to take dd to Ballet class LOL!!) Right now, I'm just hoping she can help me find airfare that cheap, not living near one of the 'major' airports sucks when you're trying to find cheap airfare, let me tell you!! But I'm looking online ~ although I don't know any of the secrets and such and hoping she can help me find something close to what my sil is paying so that hubby will still agree to letting me go.
Have I mentioned I feel guilty spending that kind of money on myself? That I sit here and think what we could do with that money? Where we could take the kids, furniture we could buy, home repairs we could make? Then I've got to get over worrying about him with the kids, trying to work or taking days off from work. I've never been away for one night alone since we've had kids, let alone 5 or 6 days! But this is something I'm hoping will come thru for me, I'd love to make it there and I know she's excited about the prospect too!

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Suprina said...

I so hope you are able to go and see Jamie. I am sure you would have a wonderful time.
I bet you could enjoy yourself being child free.
I am planning a trip next summer with my next door neighbor. We will be gone for about 7 days. We don't know where we are going yet. I just need a mommy break. I haven't been away from a child since the day Daniel was born.
Go, and have a good time.
That is so cute about your youngest. David is doing things at 3 that his older brother's and sister did when they were 5.

I wish Daniel were more like your oldest in being a perfectionist.