Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Letting Yourself Go?

Do you find yourself letting things go? Maybe things you should be doing for you, do you let them go and do for your family instead? Maybe furthering your education, have you let that go? Whatever it may be I think you get the point of the question.
I am guilty of letting myself go. Not doing anything for myself, instead doing everything for everyone else first. The last few months my hair has been bugging me, I suffered thru all the heat and humidity here all summer with it. Pretty much I just took a shower, washed it and put it up somehow until the next shower. So I got an appointment for last week. I decided I was tired of the amount of gray I had for a 31 year old. And I was tired of just letting myself go so I was going to splurge on my hair, for once. For the record, I hadn't had a hair cut (other then trimming my bangs myself) since May of 2006!
So as I'm sitting in the stylist chair last week letting myself be pampered for a few hours I decided I DESERVE this, I do alot for my family, I've always skipped the hair cuts, manicures, buying books & magazines, new CD's etc. to put that money towards what my kids or us as a family needed instead. Well, you know what? That $60 didn't break the bank and it won't break the bank come December either. Yep, I've decided I will go back in 6-8 weeks and get it done again. ONLY next time I'm going with a brighter shade of red highlights....no one seems to have noticed that I had anything done last week LOL!! I had her do my natural shade (to cover more gray) and a dark red this time. And I might even have to have several more inches cut off, just for me!
I know how hard it is to justify some things when you're a mom, even more so to me because I am a SAHM now for 8 years and with dh doing all the work to pay the bills and such I felt I should put all the money to the families wants/needs. And it's not like I'm depriving anyone of anything, other then myself maybe! I feel so much better looking in the mirror and physically, I think this lighter weight will help ease off some of the migraines I've fought all summer. I fight them anyways but they were more often this summer.
So, do you let yourself go? Do you not buy new music because that $15 would buy alot of shampoo etc. for the family? I think it's time we ALL took the time to do something just for us! Everyone deserves some pampering once in a while!
OH, and for good measure...the before:The after (with a close up of the color):

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