Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Meme's

So I thought I'd do a search for some meme's to get motivated to post again. I'm pretty much out of my funk just not sure what to write about so first things first I'm going to 'play' some today, first! I found a few meme's I thought had some interesting questions.

So here we go....When was the last time you...
1.Cleaned out your closet?
Not that long ago actually. I get tired of the mess and will pull everything out, reorganize and put it back in. I actually spent a few hours in Rachel & Avery's closets yesterday switching out summer stuff with fall/winter stuff. I just need to do Justin's and our closet now. I'm procrastinating on that which I don't normally do.

2.Went to a concert? a long time ago. It was July of 2004. Clay Aiken came to town, Jason wanted to go so I snagged him two good seats the morning they went on sale, arranged a overnight babysitter for the older two and left our then 4 month old baby with my mom and off we went. There have been several that I've wanted to attend since then but they are so expensive and I'm so cheap! LOL!

3.Had a milkshake?
Last Wednesday at my mom's house. The kids made milkshakes in her blender then Avery left his sit so I drank it before it had a chance to melt ;)

4.Got all dressed up?
Honestly? I couldn't tell ya. I don't think what I wear to church qualifies as the 'all dressed up' category those are just normal dresses, skirts, tops, nothing fancy. Fancy dressed up? Was probably my wedding *sigh* 12.5 years ago.

5.Went grocery shopping?
Friday, October 5th I really went grocery shopping. I just went and picked up a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread about an hour ago.

Then I saw this one too, from and I thought hmm..
If you could give any person a blue ribbon, to whom would you give it and why?

I had to think about that and then I thought, my friend Beth!! She was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in June of 2006. She underwent chemo, radiation, physical therapy, then another masectomy this June and another surgery to prepare for reconstruction. She emailed me about a week ago to tell me that the tissue expanders they put in to prepare for the reconstruction broke thru her chest wall where she'd had chemo & radiation burns and they had to quickly go in and remove them. Now there is no hope of a reconstruction for her. I'm sure she's been down at times with all of this but you know what? I've never seen her that way or heard her being down. She's been faithful to God all along, positive and upbeat to. So, to my friend Beth I'd award a BLUE RIBBON!

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