Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday's Mumblings

Okay so I realize I haven't blog blogged anything since I was in a funk so I need to rectify that now. First off, I've been given an AWARD!! WOW!! I've seen them on other blogs that I've popped on to for different reasons but this is the first time I have received one!!

My friend Suprina over at Kitchen Table Chat awarded me with this award on Friday and I am just now finding time to get on here and add it. Suprina and I met online at a private forum over 2 years ago and I find it funny how many things we have in common. I can read her blog and think she sounds just like me LOL!!

So with be given an award comes the task of passing the award on to someone else. I'm new to this blogging thing and haven't done a lot of hopping around to different blogs and getting to know other bloggers really well. But I do find myself going to these two alot so I am going to share with them: 1. Debmomof3 I found Deb thru a meme a few weeks ago and loved her writing style. She has three young girls and sometimes her post also reminds me of my own life. The second person I'm going to share with is Crystal and her Memoirs of a Mommy blog. I also found her thru meme's a few weeks ago. I read her blog then read her story on her son Noah's blog and can't help myself but to go back and read every other day or so. I tell ya it really makes one think when I read what she is going thru, what her little guy has gone thru in his short life to realize how lucky and blessed we are that our kids are healthy and strong. So, ladies now you've got an award!! So, there you have that, be sure and drop by their blogs and check them out too!

My week ended better then the day I posted about my funk. I took Rachel to dance and talked with some of the mommies over there and that alone helped improve my mood. On Saturday after dance we took the kids to see the new Disney movie 'The Game Plan' with Dewayne "THE ROCK" Johnson. It was so cute!! Not really a little kid movie but our older two liked it I think, then again they haven't said much about it since then. But Jason and I really enjoyed it! We also drove by these 'model' homes that I've been admiring for a few months now and were going to take the tour but they had just closed fifteen minutes earlier, shoot. Then we left the kids at my parent's house for a few hours and went out to dinner and bowling with our friends Darren & Rachel. That was fun!! We haven't went bowling in a L-O-N-G time, we were all trying to remember the last time we all went bowling together. We'll have to do it again soon!

Yesterday we went to church then after lunch I decided to bite the bullet and transfer Rachel and Avery's spring/summer clothing out with the fall/winter stuff since our weather seems to be turning. It took me seven hours!! Mostly because Jason left to go watch his cousin's son Cody play baseball and Avery insisted I had to be in the family room with him, holding him for a while so I threw laundry in the washer and sat down with him for a little while. Then I looked up the Sunday newspaper so I could look up the real estate guide. I spent a while on line reading all the OPEN HOUSE ads then looking those that interested me or where in our price range on the Realtors websites so I could get more information. I had 12 when I started looking them up and each and every one got crossed off the list for one reason or other. Quite a few of them weren't big enough (only 3 bedroom) but their OPEN HOUSE ad didn't specify so I wanted to check. Then I finally got to go back in the kids room and finish that chore. I finally got theirs done now I need to do Justin's and ours. But then again it's supposed to be 80's tomorrow, good thing I left them some summer type clothes out still too!!

We checked out the website for those model homes several times after driving by there. They have some really pretty houses, and decent floor plans. But then Jason finally found pricing on there somewhere and it doesn't look like we will go that route either. Although it'd be nice to have the house built in so little time!! But when I asked him what our project next spring was going to be he said ' A new house I guess' we've done something here every year we've lived here, this past spring it was a new kitchen. Anyways, his Dad still has that property so once the trees and brush die off for the winter he's going to ask him about going over and walking around it to check it out to see if it's what we want, could use etc. So I guess the building process may actually happen in the next few years.

I just sent Rachel off with his mom to dance again tonight. This time at the studio where her girls go. It's Friend week there and his little sister who is 8 months younger then Rachel asked Rachel to go with her so she went. So I've got to go find something for dinner for me and the guys ;0).

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Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Thank you - that is so sweet of you!

The weather's been so crazy this fall that I keep switching fall/winter clothes back to summer ones and we're overflowing with extra clothes everywhere since there isn't enough space for it all... Hopefully it'll stay cool enough to be able to put away the summer stuff once and for all! :)