Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday's Summary

I have been so busy this week!
I'm leaving in 4 days for my trip to California, so I've been doing things that I needed to or wanted to get done before leaving.

I've been unhappy with my hair for quite some time. But the person I've trusted (that is hard for me when it comes to my hair) to do anything to it for the last few years has shut her shop and went to work in the insurance industry. So I had to find someone new. We went to visit our friends with the new baby before we left for Florida and she had a new hair cut and color. I immediately asked her where she went so she gave me the stylists name and number and warned me she is booked a few weeks in advance. I called before we left and got an appointment for this past Wednesday. I had 6-8" cut off and some highlights put in. Some can't see the difference in the color mainly because I had her do my natural color (to cover some gray) and a auburn red dark color, so it's there but you might not notice it. There was a brighter red shade I liked too but chickened out of that.

So I missed Wordless Wednesday doing tests, regular schoolwork, laundry around the house then that afternoon/evening I spent 2 hours gone getting my hair done and paying bills last minute.

Yeah, paying those bills last minute in person because I went to write the utility bills out and had ONE check to pay them with. And when I went to my stash there were no more! I forgot to order checks when I got the last book out!! So I paid what I could online, and paid 3 others in person. I also ordered more checks ;0).

I've taken Rachel to ballet three times since Thursday for class and rehearsal. Kept up with the schoolwork, laundry, general day to day stuff around here. Yesterday I spent FOUR hours in my oldest son's bedroom!! I was so irked at him, for letting it get into that shape! The kid is 10 I think he can do a little better putting things away. So I spent the first 2-3 hours cleaning it all up and out (and he has the smallest bedroom in the house) then did what I went in there to do, switched out his spring/summer clothes for his fall/winter clothes. So now I just need to do mine and Jason's clothes, that isn't going to happen before I leave.

I spent two days researching rental car prices so I could book a rental car. Jamie, the friend I am going to see is in the process of moving ~ or at least she thinks she is. LOL!! I told her she could put me to work where ever she needs the help when I get there. But I also rented a car so I am going to drive south on Saturday and meet a online friend and sight see and stuff. I thought I'd get out of Jamie's way so she could do what she needs to do. She and I are definitely going to deserve the mini-girls only vacation we're taking to the coast on Monday & Tuesday!! I reserved the rental car thru Wednesday so we can use it to go over there, better gas mileage, and that way her husband John can keep their vehicle to use too.

And we've been looking at house plans all week too. We keep looking at what is for sale and for the prices we could build brand new, get exactly what we want, how we want etc. cheaper. Now........we need to find the property!

So that is why I've been missing from posting the last few days. I'll try to do better this week before I leave but I know Thursday I am going to be packing, and I'm going to do a last minute super clean of the house so it doesn't get too horrible while I'm gone.....I hope!!


Julie said...

Oh my word! 6-8 inches CUT OFF?! If I did that I would be bald! LOL :) It sounds beautiful though...
I hope you have a blast on your trip to Cali. How long will you be gone?
We are leaving for the Bahamas on Thursday evening and won't be back until Monday evening. Should be fun! :)
Take care and have a fun, safe trip!

crystal said...

I've got a 10 year old boy too and I had to do the same thing to his room recently. The GARBAGE that I pulled out of that kids room was UNREAL! I can't believe we were living in a house with that much trash!