Friday, October 5, 2007

What a day....

First off let me say it started LAST night when I took Rachel to ballet class. The notice for 'Snow Queen' rehearsals were up. I didn't even want to look, I had seen previous notices that all Apprentice I & II classes were automatically in the production no try-outs required. *thud*
THIS was the reason I didn't want her in this class this year, I didn't want the stress of performances, rehearsals, etc. on her OR me.

Now on to today.
I had plans to go take pictures of the new house that my parent's bought to flip with my digital camera so they can email them to the insurance company this morning, schoolwork this afternoon, and grocery shopping this evening. I'm hosting a Home & Garden Party here at the house tomorrow evening at 6pm and WVU football is on TV at noon so I knew I could clean & cook all day tomorrow after ballet class to prepare for that.

Ugh, not after seeing the rehearsal notice posted last night. We had to be at rehearsal today from 5:30-6:30 pm, and I did not want to be getting to Wal-Mart at 7:15 or so on a Friday night the first of the month. But my options were limited it was there or tomorrow after ballet, then rush to cook for company.

So I ended up going to two banks this morning, dropping library books off at the library, THEN picking my mom up to go to take the pictures. Then we grabbed lunch, I loaded the pictures on her computer and left the kids with her and headed to Wal-Mart. TWO HOURS later I'm on my way back to pick up the kids, I had to stand in line for 40 ridiculous minutes to get checked out of there!! And that was without a prescription refill because the pharmacy was closed!! I was so irked, I'm going to email them most definitely. They needed more cashiers working instead of two people on each lane, one bagging and other doing the scanning. I'd gladly put my own groceries in my cart to get out of there quicker.

Then I picked up the kids, rushed home put the groceries away, thru together dinner, grabbed a shower (the 5 lb. bag of sugar got ripped and spilled on the kitchen floor so I was walking in it tracking it everywhere) cleaned up the kitchen floor, ate half my dinner, made sure Rachel had dinner, went off to ballet. I came home & refuse to do anything!!

It's back to ballet tomorrow morning then I'm coming home to clean, cook & prepare for company tomorrow evening. OH!!! And I guess the kids will have to do that schoolwork at some point. Man, I think I hear the hot tub at my parent's house calling my name on Sunday!!!

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The Pfennig's said...

I got tired just reading this. lol