Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday Shopping?

Did any of you actually get out and go shopping yesterday, Black Friday? I did.

Let me reiterate that, Jason and I both went out shopping yesterday but NOT for the early bird sales. We went out around 2:00pm. My parents picked the kids up here a little before 1:00pm and took them for a sleepover at their house then Jason and I went to lunch then shopping.

But WE'RE DONE!! Minus one gift that we couldn't find in stock yesterday, we'll get it before Christmas but otherwise we completed all of our shopping for our kids and nephew on my side. That is all we have to buy for.

Not only is it all bought and paid for with cash BUT it's wrapped too!! I came home wrapped it and then hid it so around the 15th of December I will get them out add the bows and ribbons and put them under the tree.

Avery is getting another small GEO TRAX circle train set with the 'green firetruck' train he asked for a few weeks ago. A Hooked On Phonics laptop desk thingy, he'll like that he likes to take Rachel's Barbie computer and play with it. A CARS oval car holder that also has a lap track on the top of the lid and a Gear Up and Go Lightning McQueen. I think that is all we bought.

Rachel is getting another Lee Middleton doll, this one thru JcPenny's her name is Little Katherine hence the reason Rachel liked her so well ;). And a Lots of Love (we call them Baby Fat) newborn Carry Me boy Baby doll, a Littlest Pet Shop Advent calendar that has 3 pets in it and other small surprises in it, and another set of LPS animals ~ a pink pig and spider! Let's see what else? Oh yeah a small plush Shrek baby, and the game GUESS WHO. Oh and a package of Baby Alive diapers that we'll give her AFTER his mom gives her the Baby Alive Wet 'n Wiggles baby she bought for her.

Justin asked for a new TRANSFORMER and a game for his Nintendo DS that he asked Grandma for. So we bought the Lego Star Wars Complete Saga game for him, plus this Lego Star Wars accessory kit for the DS, the TRANSFORMER is the one thing we haven't found yet but we will. Also we picked up ARE YOU SMARTER THEN A 5th GRADER for him. I think we picked up something else but I can't remember what it was now.

I also bought these board games a few weeks ago for them all to share. MONOPOLY (the here & now version) and SORRY!!

We did well I think, we went out got everything (minus the one) paid in cash, wrapped and hid.

OH and we got to see those twinnies our friends had at the beginning of October last evening too. We ran into Jason's friend Jeff (their Daddy) at K-Mart and he said they were all up to his parents house and were leaving out early this morning to head back home to Mississippi and told us to drive up to see them so we dropped by there and I held baby Jubiliee for a good hour or more. She was so little! Then I saw our friends baby Owen this morning and held him for a little while too, he's only 3 months old but he seemed so much bigger then Jubilee did!

I hope you're having a good weekend, we've got church tomorrow then rehearsals for The Snow Queen performance this Friday night so I probably won't be doing this.

And for those of you who are readers? Take note of my new widget on the bottom left hand side ;0)


Suprina said...

Okay, rub it in why don'tcha....:-)
We are 85% done. Both David and Aimee are finished. I do need to pick up stocking stuffers for David. Zachary I have a few more gifts to buy. I am done with his birthday gifts...(all he is getting for his birthday is Pirates of the Carribean stuff)
I need to pick up things for Daniel and Zachary's Stockings.
And Daniel I am about half way done with Daniel.

I hate not being done. I have started the wrapping game. I do love to wrap.

I need to get all the gifts wrapped so I can see what we have and what we don't have...

I also can't forget the battteries....

uggh....LUCKY YOU!!!!
I'm Jealous. I am starting my Christmas shopping Early for next year....Right after Christmas this year I will start for next year....
I feel rushed!

We do still have to buy my moms, sisters, and grandmothers gifts to the kids that they send money for.

I also need to pick up gift cards for my mom, step-dad, sister, niece and brother in law....

Gosh, now I am really feeling the pressure! LOL!

Jennifer said...

I don't know how I could shop ahead that early, seems the kids are always changing their minds so it would do me no good to start in January.
Of course we will hit the toy markdowns for those March birthday possibly. I think we've decided Rachel is getting a new bike, I know Avery is, he's outgrown his current one.
Too bad I'm not closer I could help you wrap!