Monday, November 12, 2007

Christmas is coming!!

I just counted and there are ONLY 42 DAYS LEFT before Christmas!!
Have you started your decorating yet?
Have you started your shopping yet?
Do you KNOW what you're shopping for?
Are you listening to Christmas music yet?
I have not started decorating. ONLY because Jason refuses to dig the stuff out of the attic for me until closer to Thanksgiving. Because he doesn't want any of it out until Thanksgiving evening or the day after. I don't see why. We don't decorate for Thanksgiving. We don't have the family Thanksgiving dinners here, we're not even huge turkey eaters so it's not a big deal holiday to us in this household. Personally I'd like to enjoy my hard work for a few extra days/weeks.
I was looking at some new outdoor decorations at Target and Wal-Mart this past weekend. He refuses to buy any saying 'That's just more junk we have to find somewhere to store' BAH HUMBUG! Then I was browsing the wreaths and made the comment we need a new one. His reply? They just tear up and then you want to replace them, that's why I don't want to get anything else. BAH HUMBUG!! The wreaths we have are just $1.99 from Michael's that I hot glued pine cones and berries to at least NINE YEARS AGO!! No wonder they need replaced! So then I was looking thru the ornaments, we got a bigger, more fuller tree that I think is going to need a few more ornaments, the thinks it's going to be fine.
As for the shopping, yes I have started. I found an awesome sale on a few weeks ago on board games and ordered these three for less then $10 after mail-in rebates.
I bought SORRY!, Guess Who?, and MONOPOLY Here & Now for the kids, mainly the older two because these games are too old for Avery. I hope to pick up HULLABALOO for him for Christmas.
So I ordered the games and then last week I ordered the Lee Middleton baby doll that Rachel wants from JcPenny's. It is regular priced for $32. I looked around online and found a coupon code to use and got it for $30 INCLUDING shipping!! Yeah!!
But that is it as far as what I've bought. Jason likes to make a date of it and go the day after Thanksgiving. I've been watching the ads that I get online ( to see if anything we are shopping for is on sale that day but it's not. And we don't usually do the early bird stuff anyways, just go out around 3 or 4pm after dropping the kids with my parents for a sleepover.
We do know what we're after, at least for Justin.
  1. Optimus Prime TRANSFOMER ~ the most recent edition, he has the others.
  2. STAR WARS ~ THE COMPLETE SAGA for his Nintendo DS Grandma is buying him.

Rachel asked for the baby 'Little Katherine' that I ordered. A new boy Barbie doll, can't say Ken as they no longer make Ken, they make other males with different names ;0) And some Littlest Pet Shop animals. I ordered her two shirts from the ballet studio that they are selling, she will like those. I'm sure it's going to be an argument with Jason as to what we actually buy other then the doll. He's going to say she has enough LPS but she really likes them and plays with them and Justin has over TWO Rubbermaid totes full of TRANSFORMERS so why buy more? So who know what we will actually get.

Avery has asked for a green fire truck to go with his train set. He has had to give up a red one, it was on the borderline of being recalled. According to the site, it was manufactured BEFORE the dates listed on the recall but the code falls in those they were recalling so I'm unsure. Anyways, he'll gladly give it up for a new green one that he showed me the other day. It's actually a lumber & saw thing with the train that hauls the logs to go with his GEOTRAX set. He needs more track, more then anything else just track pieces. And I'm sure we'll get him some of the CARS stuff that is out that he doesn't have. Mainly, RED the firetruck, possibly the Dineco helicopter and we saw a Lightning McQueen that you can take apart and change his tires, engine, face, etc. that he would just LOVE we'll probably pick that up.

So we know what we need to pick up for our kids. Unsure what to pick up for Jason's younger sisters ~ we don't do gifts for the adults on his side (or mine for that matter but I know what to get my nephew) so the kids exchange names and buy for each other. His mom still buys for our kids though because they are her Grandbabies. She already knows what to get so that is done.

I'm unsure what to tell his Grandma and his Dad when they call asking what to pick up. They always call and ask for ideas. Hm, we'll have to give it some thought.

Since I can't decorate or really shop yet I'm going to keep listening to my music, have you clicked on the top left hand side yet? That is what I'm listening to most, or at least part of what I'm listening to. I have a CD with 20 songs on it that I couldn't find them all online to add here. I'd really like that Alvin & the Chipmunks CD I saw yesterday or some other new ones but I don't have any yet so I'll just crank up this!!

So, are you in the mood yet?


Julie said...

Wow, I hadn't let myself count down yet. We are never home for Christmas, always at someone elses house. This year from dec 21 to new years we will be trekking from our place in az to tx and ok. Whew!
Needless to say I haven't started shopping, decorating or listening to anything related to Christmas.
Well, I did buy some Christmas CDs and a Christmas DVD online but that is it. I have at least started to think about gifts though! :)

Suprina said...

Hey Jennifer,
Oh yes, have we started our Christmas shopping....we actually started a couple months ago. And we listen to Christmas music all year round but have REALLY kicked it up a notch. But on Thanksgiving Day that is all we will listen too. Eric started that tradition.
Eric and I went shopping two days ago and already the shelves are getting picked over on some toy items.
I am searching HIGH and low for a play cell phone for David that ISN'T babyish. He is wanting one so badly. Don't know what for though.
I have been begging Eric to bring my tree home from Hobby Lobby. I think he is getting quite irrated with me. As I am with him about it.
Eric says that Hobby Lobby has been PACKED the last few times he has worked. And EVERY employee of Hobby Lobby is working on Black Friday from 8 am till 9 pm. We are talkin' some serious overtime.
I might try to hit the online sales that day.
I started getting the real big itch today to put up my tree but I don't have it.....UUGGHHHH!
I can't wait to see all your holiday decorations Jennifer!