Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dream Dream Dream

Do you dream when you sleep?
Do you dream in color or black and white?
Do you remember your dreams once you wake up?
I dream often, usually in color, and often.

But man I hate those dreams that have me jerking awake, with my heart pounding in my throat, too anxious to go back to sleep or able to get it off my mind!

I had one of those dreams this morning, about 7:00am and I just wanted to go back to sleep, while all the kids were still asleep LOL!!

Then what was even creepier, I was dreaming about a tornado coming thru I was with my parents and we had my daughters dog, we were going to the car to get me a change of clothes~side note I do NOT know where what I was wearing came from, it was some weird looking sweater outfit!~because I was going to a concert and didn't want to be out in public in what I had on. And my dd was waiting in the car for us, we're running across this parking lot and it's eerie outside, thunder, etc. we look up and see this twister coming at us. We didn't know what to do which way to run because we didn't know which way it was going to go. My Dad & I went one way my mom went the other which was freaking out not to mention the fact that Rachel was in a car in this parking lot waiting!!

Shew anyways about that time I jerk awake!! My arm is tingling because our youngest was in our bed again, laying on top of my arm, my heart in pounding in my throat and I'm thinking WHERE did that come from? We do not live in a tornado prone area, too many mountains. But hubby was watching a few minutes of a storm chaser show on TV last night I guess that is where it came from. Regardless when I got up an hour later I felt unrested, then I took the dog out and it was eerie outside like it was going to storm or a storm had just passed thru. VERY EERIE! I hope I sleep undisturbed tonight!!

DD's big night is tomorrow night!!! The ballet company that she is an apprentice for is performing The Snow Queen, tonight is dress rehearsal until 8pm then we have to be back there in the morning by 7:30 for a school performance at 10am then back at 5pm for the public performance tomorrow evening!! I've got to run and pick up a tape for the camcorder so I can tape tonight during dress rehearsals!! Hope you have a good evening & day tomorrow, odds are I won't be posting tomorrow!!

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