Monday, November 5, 2007

For the record

I am home from my trip to California.

I still feel "jet lagged" although I don't know why. I was still on est time out there, just stayed up later then my normal bedtime here at home. And all I did on the way home was sit in airports for 3 hour layovers. Yep, two of them one in Denver the other in Chicago. It was actually only about 5 hours flying time but it was still a 12 hour flight.

Anyways, I had a great time I will do a trip report tomorrow, I'm working on uploading pictures and such today so those will be ready too. THANKS to John & Jamie for welcoming me into their home but I never expected for you guys to boot the bill the whole time I was there!!! I was more then prepared to pay my own way but thanks anyways. I really enjoyed meeting all of John's family and their friends Emily & Eric. I want to send out thanks to all of them for welcoming me into their homes too.

I'm STILL working on completing the mountain (actually TWO of them) of dirty clothes that were awaiting me when I got home. I did my own laundry in California to come home to this! And I haven't even thought of stripping beds & doing a load of towels yet, want to get caught up on the clothes or at least close first.

I'm not sure how much I was missed or that I am more appreciated now that I am home. I know Avery missed me because he at least talked to me on the phone while I was gone, more then I can say for the older two kids. Jason remarked it was weird sleeping in an empty bed (and I can agree with that one but last year when he was involved in basketball he didn't think twice about leaving me overnight for games and such) but I don't think he got the full perspective of what I do around here for several reasons.
1. His Grandma took care of dinner one night, my mom one night (or two?), then they ate out every other evening.
2. His Aunt Von took Rachel to ballet one night (THANKS Von!!!) so he only had to tackle that 3 times while I was gone.
3. He didn't do any of the laundry or housecleaning, although he did run the dishwasher so at least I wasn't met with a disgusting pile of dishes and a dirty kitchen that I've been anal about keeping spotless since the remodel last spring.
4. Schoolwork, well some of it is done, Justin was taking 5 hours to complete his lessons, which should take no more then 3 if that on a busy day. So guess who gets to nip that in the bud today? And I haven't even made sure that everything was completed like I had written down or if I need to make amends for the schedule today. Oh yeah, we haven't even started to tackle schoolwork today ~ we'll do it after lunch I guess.

Anyways, I am home and the trip report (with pictures) will be up tomorrow, I HOPE!


Julie said...

Looking forward to the vacation report tomorrow! :) And by the way, you were missed!
My jet lag lasted a while too...ick.

Jennifer said...

Aw thanks Julie!!
I need to get started on that report now!! LOL!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had a good time! :)