Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday mumblings....

Just some random mumblings/thoughts from me tonight.

Is it bedtime yet? I sure wish it were! Avery is crying, again for like the twentieth time today. He is so wore out today for some reason that he's terribly crabby. He's getting hurt, getting his feelings hurt, doing the exact opposite of what he's told then getting in trouble for that so forth and so on. So, I ask is it bed time yet?

On another note, Jamie is home!!! We saw them at church yesterday morning and her girls were kind of excited to see me again LOL! Brooklyn even got up to come back and sit with me during the opening services. I guess I made an impression while I was in California.

And on the freebie hunt I got two awesome freebies in the mail today! The first one was a 8x8 photo book that I won from in a contest they were running a month or so ago. I kept the code in my special offers until I came back from California then I could decide whether to use Florida or California pictures, I chose California. So I spent some time doing the layout on their site last week and placed the order, on a day they were offering FREE SHIPPING so I paid .00 for it!! Here is the front of it. I was really impressed with it when it got here today, first of all it got here so quickly, less then a week actually. And I was expecting like a paper, like scrapbook type book not a hardback like a children's story book. Now I don't know if I'd spend the $29.99 to order one with only 20 pages or not, maybe for a special occasion, but maybe not...I'm cheap remember?

The second freebie that I got in the mail today was this journal. It even came with it's one little pen. And I just filled out the form online for it one day last week. That was a super quick freebie.

OH yeah and my laundry I did today smelled so good when it came out of the dryer. Free Snuggle liquid fabric softened that smells like Wild Orchid & Vanilla!

What else did I do today? Well....I finally got Jason to get the new Christmas tree down out of the attic last night so I worked on putting the branches into place and spreading them out last night. Then today I decorated that today. I'm unsure if it looks okay of if I need to put more on it. I might leave it for this year then pick up stuff after Christmas on sale to add to it next year. I saw some things I liked at Wal-Mart and Target last weekend when we were there.

Guess what? It is NOW bedtime!! YEAH!! So I'm logging off to go read Max & Ruby for the twentieth night in a row to Avery who I bet will be asleep before I get halfway thru the first book. Have a great night!!

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