Friday, November 16, 2007

Overheard Conversations.

Last night while fixing Avery something to drink to go with his dinner I overhear this conversation he is having at the dining room table.

A: Buzz Lightyear, what are you doing in here all by yourself?
Buzz: Because Avery, you carried me in here and left me and didn't come back to play.
A: Sorry Buzz LIghtyear, I can't play right now I've got to eat my taco!
Buzz: Okay, well please get me later so we can play.
A; Okay Buzz LIghtyear.

Avery had carried his Buzz Lightyear in there earlier that day while I was grading school papers and asked me to straighten out his legs, I did he left his standing on the table. I moved him when he got in the way.

This morning Buzz is still laying in the dining room floor. I asked Avery how come he was still in there alone and he said that Buzz LIghtyear told him he wanted to be in there alone for a little while.

HAHAHAHA! This kid has such wisdom and imagination, and a big vocabulary to only be 3 yrs old!

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