Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rah, Rah, RAH!!

What does that make you think of?

For those that don't know I used to coach elementary cheerleaders at my kids old school. I had already decided to quit because Rachel wanted to do more with dance when we decided to pull our kids out of there. I had coached for four years when I quit. And every year I had at least 10 girls, my first year I had 21 (AND I was pregnant that winter!) ages 6-9.

Well one of my friends who used to teach at the school and has a daughter who is now in junior high took her dd out of that school last year and moved her to a Christian school about 30 minutes away this year. Pretty much the next closest Christian school, we can't afford it for all 3 of ours so it wasn't an option for us.

Anyways, said friend AND her daughter approached me after church services a few weeks ago and asked for help. With what? Cheerleading. There was no one that would volunteer to coach and the daughter really wanted to cheer, along with a few other girls at the school. So Alice asked if I would help her if she volunteered for the position. I immediately told her that Rachel's DANCE comes first, with classes, rehearsals, and performances I didn't know how much help I could be.

But guess where I am going this afternoon? Yep, to cheerleading practice...for two hours. I'm used to little 30-45 mintue practices LOL!!
Anyways, I've got cheers ready to teach and we can at least get them started with some sideline stuff if not floor cheers just yet. The season starts in two weeks and there is no school all next week for Thanksgiving but I'm going to get them started and then help when I can after that.

I don't really mind since I'm not in charge, I won't have to deal with parents. And yes while junior high girls can be moody and such at least they are over the whining 'she said this....' blah blah blah that used to cut into my practice time. They will be more serious about learning and knowing what to do to.....at least I hope they will!!

Now the hard part, to train my brain to say the new schools mascot and colors in the cheers when I'm teaching them LOL!!

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