Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Terrific Television Tuesday!!

I'm calling it that because Tuesday night is by far my favorite night to watch TV. And tonight Charlie Brown's Christmas is on too!! Although, it's a little early this year I think, seems like it's not usually on until closer to Christmas I'm watching!!! I'm also Tivo'ing it so we can watch it again before Christmas.

Other then the special tonight Tuesday if my favorite night for TV because my favorite shows are on.
  1. Bones
  2. HOUSE
  3. Boston Legal

Those are three of my favorite shows!!

We tivo them since they come on beginning at 8pm and there is no point in trying to watch TV shows like that with kids in the room, either inappropriate content (although not really) OR too much noise to hear them so I watch later. So we tivo everything and start watching at 9pm when they go to bed instead. Then we usually watch Boston Legal on Wednesday night, but it's not on tonight or last week for that matter.

So what night is your 'night' for TV?


Julie said...

Unfortunately, I haven't found any must watch shows in a while. I'm a bit apathetic to new tv shows lately. I didn't even watch one episode of any of the new ones! I will have to check out your faves though, they might become mine. Although, we have bible study on tuesdays...

Linda said...

Glad to see another Boston Legal fan!!! And, who couldn't love House. I have never seen Bones, so I can't comment.

You are the first WV blogger I've run across. I'm sure there's lots of us around!! Stop by and see me meighbor!

Crys said...

I love House!! It's one of my favorites. And Boston Legal is hilarious!