Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen ways to describe how I'm feeling.

1. TIRED. I don't know what is going on but I feel like I could sleep for a good 14 hours and still need to sleep.

2. MOODY: kind of happy one minute, totally and completely grouched to the max the next.

3. ANNOYED: I'd like to start decorating for Christmas but the hubby won't co-operate and get the stuff out of the attic.

4. FAILURE: as a (first year) home schooler ( honestly, he should've learned this before the NOW~at his previous school!) Justin argued me up and down last night that there 51 or 52 states in the U.S. because Alaska and Hawaii do count mom. *rolling my eye* My smart child....WHAT??????

5. GLUM: I need some sunshine in my life I think. My mom and I went to the mall today, with 3 kids and I just was NOT in the mood to be there. Hated the whole trip, minus the time I spent at SONIC getting a burger and Orange Cream slush

6. IRKED: We're all ready to build, pretty much have our plans picked out and we've been waiting on a call back from his Dad about a piece of property since Friday. He's got to call back then meet us there to check everything out THEN hammer out all the details before we can even move on with the next step.

7. IMPATIENT: Did you read the line before? Yeah, well. And with the kid I'm not much better.

8. BORED: I finished a really good book yesterday morning (Sam's Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson) and I have a library book here but I just can't get into reading it, nothing on tv to watch so I'm bored.

9. FRAZZLED: with the dance schedule the rest of this week, needing to run to the dancewear store and plop down another $50 for another leotard & tights which makes me...

10. GREEDY because I didn't want to spend a fortune on dance this year. One of the main reasons I didn't want her in this class although she's loving it.

11. RESTLESS: How can I be restless and tired at the same time? I think this stems from being bored. I want to take on a project in the house, like our family room needs a new paint job but I don't want to do it because the kids will just mess it up right away, like they did a month after we moved in here!! So what is the point?

12. ACHY: My ankle's are achy. My back is achy because Avery slept on top of me part of the night last night. Behind my left eye we'll call that the hangover from the migraine last night achy. I bet if I weren't so sleepy and tired I wouldn't feel so achy ;0)

13. CRAZY!!! These wild, running, screaming, wrestling, kids are driving my crazy. In the house 24/7, it's been raining here for the last few days off and on and when it's not it's been to cool to be outside, especially with no sunshine.


Wacky Mommy said...

That is a *lot* going on! Here's to some peace and quiet for you.

jenn said...

Happy TT!

Rose said...

Well you could always stand in front of hubby naked with tinsel around your neck.

Deb said...

Have a great Thursday! Nice list by the way! Please stop by my blog if you can!


Raggedy said...

I have been there.
You need a breather, a break.
Find someone to take over even if it's just for a few hours and get away from it all and have some YOU time!
((((more Hugsss))))

Nicholas said...

That's a very interesting list and a good way to get to know a bit about you.

damozel said...

Another AMAZING mom. Just keep telling yourself how lucky your children are to have so much of your time and are anything BUT "greedy," I'd say.

I had to laugh at the 52 states story---that's a side of homeschooling that is both good and bad. I never thought about it, but when I was in school we just believed whatever we were told. I guess it's good he's prepared to argue the point, right?

Jennifer said...

ROSE ~~ I LIKE the way you think
;0) My mother in-law joked when we were engaged that I could stand naked in front of a collage basketball game (on tv) or college football game and he still would NOT notice me....sometimes I could agree with her.

DAMOZEL ~~ For the record this is our first year of homeschooling, they were in a Christian school until now. I think it was one of those so smart my common sense isn't registering moments LOL!!

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY EVERYONE! I'm working on dropping by all your blogs right now.

busy91 said...

I actually had to think on #4 for a moment. LOL! 50 states Busy, 50! Oh boy, Am I smarter than a fifth grader? Apparently not!