Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Okay, so it's time again for a Trip Report Tuesday! This will be the last one for a while, we don't have any definite plans for any more trips at the moment.

First off I want to say as the trip got closer and closer I dreaded going more and more. Don't get me wrong, I wanted to go, I wanted to visit with Jamie, see that coast, experience California and all that but I was dreading leaving my family. Mostly leaving Jason, in the 12.5 years we've been married we have only been away from each other for an occassional night he went camping or to basketball tournaments or something. Besides, Jamie's two girls were with us most of the week so I still had kids around me.

Friday morning 5:10am they drop me off at the airport, everything goes smoothly from here to Chicago, and even boarding on time in Chicago. Then we hear the first mate or whatever come over the loudspeaker on the plane and say something like this "Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. We realize that we should have already been in the air by now but our Captian seems to have dissappeared" WHAT? I don't think that was the best way of wording that announcement. Anyways, turns out he was involved in a car accident in the employee parking lot so they had to hunt for a Captian for our flight. We were suppsoed to be in the air @ 8am didn't get there until 9:10am, but they made up for it in the air, we were only about 30 minutes late getting into San Francisco. I was about two hours later getting to Bakersfield from my original flight plan, not too bad I guess.

After driving thru In and Out Burger ( that was yummy!!), picking up the rental car, stopping by the fire dept to see John we get back to their house. She had a 'party' to go to at John's brothers house that evening so I hopped in the shower, changed and off we went to the 'Halloween' housewarming party. Their new house is beautiful!!! I really loved the kitchen and the stone fireplace, just about my dream of the two. Thanks to Kent & Evey for welcoming me into their house. I also met John's other brother Kevin and his wife Tracy and their family. And John's parents. I had a great time with all of you over the course of the week. It was great getting to know you all, THANKS for welcoming me into your homes and family!!

Saturday I was supposed to drive south on Saturday morning to meet a online friend but I was so wiped out that I backed out on her, I felt bad for cancelling but I was so tired that I didn't want to do much of anything. And other then going out to lunch and walking thru some model homes with Jamie I didn't do anything that day!!

Sunday we went to church and out to dinner with John's family. Wow, that church service was different from any I'm used to. Could be because there are something like 2500 people in service and a full orchestra and such whereas in our church we're lucky to have 70 on Sunday morning. Quite a difference there! Then Jamie & I packed up so we could go away to the coast, just the two of us for two days!!!!

Monday morning we get up get ready to go load everything in her car and it won't start!! So we load everything in the rental I had, which we were planning to return that morning, and head off. We hit road work traffic somewhere along the way, three times!! But it was a nice peaceful, beautiful drive. We checked in at our hotel in Avila Beach then went up the coast to Hearst Castle. We stopped at Morro Bay, but couldn't see much of the 'rock' as it was spitting rain and really cloudy, foggy....as you can see in the picture.

We also stopped in Cambria on the way up the coast too, that was a pretty stretch of beach.
The tour of the castle was neat, it was built by William Randolph Hearst who was quite scandalous in his day!! You should google him if you don't know all about his mistress, love child, etc. ;0) Then we went back to Avila Beach and had dinner at The Olde Port Inn which sits on the end of a pier there and they have these tables that you can look down into and see the water and everything below. I had this Chicken and Vegetable Pasta dish that was so delish!! Then we crashed at the 'Inn' for the night. There were seals right there in the water, resting on the boat docks and the rocks, we could hear them 'barking' thru our entire meal. That is definitely different from east coach beaches that I am used to.

Tuesday morning we went up to check out the roof top deck on our hotel. We should've done that the night before! We could have watched our movie up there and listened to the ocean, although I bet it was chilly up there the night before. There were hammocks, day beds, a bar area with water and ice, microwaves, tvs it was all up there. Here is a shot from there:

So we relaxed from up there for a while. I called home and she called her parents. My Dad likes to call and tell me to listen to the ocean if/when he is at the beach without me so I called my mom, didn't have dad's phone on me. But we sat up there for a while then walked down to the water (just across the street) and had someone walking along the beach take a picture of us there.

Then we headed off to Pismo Beach, where the sun was shining and we sat out on the pier for an hour or so before walking around the little 'beach' shops and having lunch at this place called "Pasta Bella" it was good too! And Pismo beach is a beautiful area! I bought myself a hooded sweatshirt and my parents a t-shirt there with pretty designs on them. I took this shot from the pier:

I told Jason this could be the perfect retirement place for us. He could live in the 'mountains' and I could be that close to the ocean and beach LOL!! Never gonna happen but still.....
It was so much warmer there then we'd expected, not hot by any means but I sat out at the end of the pier in my jeans and tshirt without a jacket and never got chilled. After we spent a few hours there we drove back up the coast to San Luis Obispo. That was a neat little town, and Jamie took me to Ross's I've never been in there, we don't have those stores here. I bought a pair of Levi jeans for $13!! Great deal!
Later that afternoon we drove back to Pismo Beach outlets, on the way out of town and shopped there. I had a pair of jeans I needed to return that I'd picked up at the Tommy Hilfiger outlet in Orlando last month and since I lucked into those jeans earlier that day I just returned them and bought 4 shirts and still had credit returned! And I found Rachel the Hannah Montana wig she's been asking for, she's happy with that! Then we went made the drive back to Bakersfield, to her friend Emily's house (she kept the girls that day while John worked) to pick up the girls.
Wednesday was Women's Bible study and out to lunch at Tina Marie's a cute little 50's style diner in downtown Bakersfield with Evey. Then rest time at the house, while the girls were resting Jamie and I got most of their boxes unpacked or at least sorted into the appropriate rooms so all she had to do was organize and put away later. Then it was time for the Harvest Festival at their church that evening. Her girls had a blast! There were some cute costumes there and then there were some that I couldn't believe people would wear to a church thing, even a outside church thing, like the Playboy bunny!??? uhhh NO!
Thursday she had her MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group meeting so I tagged along to that, then did laundry after getting back to her house. I had to repack everything and that took a little while to get it all organized so that I could get it all home, especially the stuff I bought for the kids and other family members!! Then we took the girls to gymnastics and her sister in-law Tracy and her family came over for dinner and a last evening to visit.
Friday it was back home, after TWO three hour layovers on the way here. I walked the Denver airport several times and had lunch there, then walked the Chicago airport once too.
I had a great time, even though I did really miss Jason & the kids, don't know if I will ever get back, especially alone. Better start saving now for that trip to Hollywood, I guess!!
PS>>> if you want to see ALL the pictures I took go here:
Let me know if it asks for a password.


Julie said...

Sounds like a great trip! Beautiful pictures by the way... thanks for sharing! :)

about my friend...it's just that i thought after all this time and all the discussions we've had that she would understand by now.
she was married, she had a miscarriage. but i guess now that shes single again, she is in a completely different place. it's just frustrating when you expect someone to know you better than that. does that make sense?
i do understand what you are saying though. my sister in law said the same thing finally after all these years. it almost made me just breathe a sigh of relief that some one was honest about not understanding. you know? :)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Wow, two 3-hour layovers? That sounds exhausting just reading it... Your trip sounds like fun and the pictures are just gorgeous! :)

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Wow, what an awesome trip. I really need to go there sometime. Thanks for directing me to this post!
<3, Amy in AZ