Sunday, November 11, 2007

What is with customer service?


The retailers wonder why alot of people prefer to stay home and shop online. Why their profits are down. Why so many choose places like ebay to shop.

Okay I will admit it I'm irked....AGAIN.

And yes I'll go one step further and admit that I do 98% of my grocery shopping at Wal-Mart. Every two weeks we make the trip and I shop, shop, shop for everything that I can get at Wal-Mart for the next two weeks. It's not that big of a deal at the location where I usually shop.

So on one of the first Thursday's in October I needed to go grocery shopping. Our weekend was going to be busy so I thought I'd squeeze it in during the day unlike what I normally do. So I haul the kids to my mom's house and ask her to watch them while I do our grocery shopping. She was fine with that and I thought I'd be out there and back to her house in less then two hours and still allow myself plenty of time to get home, unload everything then get Rachel to ballet class at 4:30. WRONG!! I got thru the store just fine THEN I had to stand in line for 40 minutes!!! Now, mind you we had NOTHING in the house to eat, we'd just returned from vacation the weekend before or I might've been tempted to leave that overflowing cart just sitting there and let them deal with it. And I really didn't have any other time I was going to squeeze it in, so I suffered. Vowing I would NOT grocery shop at that location again.

Guess where I went today? Yep, that same location ~ it's just a few miles from my parent's house. The kids were playing and we needed to walk around and see what we want to pick up for Christmas. We got that pretty much figured out but only had one thing to purchase today so I just put it back.

Then we walk thru their Christmas section and I could've spent a fortune, except I forgot Scrooge lives in my house. ;0) I'm ready to decorate he's not willing to oblige by getting the stuff out of the attic for me until Thanksgiving. Nor is he willing to put a few things in the yard or on the eaves of the house. GGRR.

Okay, fine.

But I do find this 2 CD collectors tin Alvin and the Chipmunks set of Christmas music I'd like to have. So I finally decide I'm gonna get it, mind you we're in their indoor/outdoor garden center at this point. I take it to the cashier, set it down and she picks up a piece of paper, a pen and says "I've got to go outside. I'll be back in a few minutes." and just leaves!!! Then she didn't walk out the garden door she left the section thru the store. Um, no way am I standing there waiting on you to come back for $14 music cd's. So I just put them back on the display and left.


What is with customer service?
Do they not care they are losing customers?
For that matter I know two people who worked in that location that have quit in the last month because promotions were promised, raises were promised for two months then given to a different employee and other reasons.

They just bummed my whole mood for the day. I told Jason as we were walking to the car next time I ask him if he wants to go to that Wal-Mart to remind me WHY I don't want to go to that one. I'll stick with the other location. I know oooooh I'm really hurting their profits when they are still getting my money but with my budget I can't afford to grocery shop anywhere else for our family of 5 and the 3 animals but I won't go back to THAT location.

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