Thursday, November 8, 2007

A woman's place is her home, right?

Okay so maybe that isn't the exact way that saying goes but it's close enough.

Now with that being said do you feel like your home is a.......reflection of you? Do you feel that others might think if you're house doesn't look good then you're not doing your 'job'? That second question may be answered completely different for those of you who work outside the home then those of us who stay home full time.

In this house we have a new kitchen and I completely finished/redid the formal living room in the summer/spring of 2006. I love how they look. I have become anal about no clutter, no dust, keeping them spotless. And I'm in the mood to move onto another room. The thing is, with kids I know I can't expect every room to stay that way, especially not the family room which is probably the next room on my list. But one can dream.

Speaking of dreams, we're getting more serious about our dream house. We've spent the last couple of weekends checking out Open Houses in the area to see if any would work for us, if they were in our budget to begin with. But honestly? I just want to build MY house, and for the price of what we're looking at we could and it would be brand new, top of the line so forth and so on. Looking at what is already out there even in our budget most things need work, or just aren't the 'right' fit for us. So we spent a few hours this past Sunday checking out the property that Jason's dad owns again and he's supposed to be talking with him sometime today to see what our options are, setting up a meeting time to go see what is available and what is actually where soon.

So since we're moving closer on the property, we're trying to make somewhat final decisions on the house plan. Whether it's a log home ~ more his choice but we've discovered they aren't really in 'his' ideal budget ;), a modular, the new kind two story houses that are built in a warehouse split into 4 or 6 pieces, shipped to your lot set and 'rebuilt' but we've discovered those aren't really in our budget either.

So that leaves us with where we started. A house kit from 84 Lumber, anyone have one of these? Honestly, they are very well priced especially for what all comes with it. So we're narrowing it down to THE house we can agree on and live in. I love the Cape Cod styles but they just don't have the layout I dream of unless you build a huge one with something over 3000 square feet, now they don't offer that and if they did it wouldn't really be in our budget anyways. But they do have this two story one that we both like that we could wrap a big nice country porch all the way around the house, has a floor plan we could live with, and is very affordable. It has 4 bedrooms but no where for an office for Jason.

That brings me back to my original question, do you think your home reflects on you?
I want every room in my house to be what I see and imagine in my head.
I WANT my dream Master Bedroom. I think it has something to do with being a woman, thinking I need to decorate each and every room to perfection so forth and so on.

Well, I asked him where he'd work and he said probably in our bedroom. ?*SIGH* If you've seen his office you know why that bothers me ;) It's not a perfect room, it has blueprint drawings strewn all over the place, a weight bench, file cabinet all his old baseball cards in boxes stacked up in one corner and on and on. I want the bedroom I can see in my head, the paint color I dream of, the furniture we've never owned (we've never had a bedroom set, shoot our formal living room furniture & dining room table are the only new furniture we've bought since being married ~~~ oh and a set of bunk beds for the kids, whoopee), decorated the way I see it in my head. Not a bed on a metal frame, with my paint color on the walls, with his folding table desk and blueprint drawings strewn all over the floor. I don't think that is alot to ask but I know I'm going to lose this battle most likely and I won't have the bedroom I dream of......not until a kid grows up and goes off to college, why does that depress me? I should be happy we are going to have the ability and means to actually complete our dream house (although the big argument is going to be on the siding color too, we already disagree, I see me losing and him winning, what else is new?) and that we have a roof over our heads.

But a woman's place (wait! I accidentally typed palace maybe THAT was the right word to begin with?)is her home. The house reflects her tastes, style, hard work, etc. doesn't it?

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Suprina said...

Yes, Yes and YES!
I agree with you...
I do believe the home is a reflection of the woman...
Eric tastes and my taste of furniture sometimes differ...okay, they differ quite a bit....and he like to be with me to pick out furniture and such....and we usually find a happy medium...

What I am trying to get away from is everything being a hodge Podge of things just thrown together....

That and sometimes I get the feeling that women judge other women just by how CLEAN the house apprears...I usually try to have my WHOLE down stair spotless all the time...I have become anal about it...LOL

But I totally agree with you...

On that note: I am sure you will find the perfect house or perfect place to build your house...

Oh and Jennifer, I would absolutely love to go shopping with you! I so wish we lived closer. We could have play dates with the kids....I know you need to move to TN! That's it!!! LOL