Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday #11

San Simeon, California


Kat said...

That's so beautiful!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

What a great pic! Looks heavenly!

Happy WW!

Linda said...

Nice photo!!

Yen said...

WOW! That is such a beautiful shot!:)

Mine is up here;
Happy WW!

smarmoofus said...

Note to other visitors: If you haven't done it (I almost didn't), DO click on the image for the full-resolution view and admire the light shining through the petals of blossom on the right, and the way it reflects on the rain-splashed leaves... this is a beautiful photo!

Kat said...

Not sure if you'd be interested so I tagged you for a meme. Check it out here

Weeble said...

That's really lovely the way you have captured the sunbeams. :)

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

My compliments to you on your beautiful photo! Hearst Castle is on my list of places to go. Did you tour inside too?
Happy WW!!
I just posted my 1st WW on my new blog!
<3, Amy in AZ

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh that is just gorgeous - I love how you can see the rays of sunlight coming through the clouds... Beautiful! Happy WW :)

Jennifer said...

smarmoofus, WOW, THANK you for your kind words! It so lifted my spirit today!!
Linda, my fellow WV'ian I'll be dropping by your place often ;)
Kat I would love to participate in the meme, I'll do it in the next day or so, PROMISE!
Amy Shipp~ Yes, my friend that I was visiting had wanted to go since moving to CA 6 yrs. ago so when she suggested I said Sure, why not!! I've got pictures of the inside too, maybe browse my blog back to a TUESDAY TRIP REPORT a few weeks ago and you'll find the link to all the photos from my trip.
EVERYONE ELSE, I will make it over to your WW, been out all day so I'll work my way around this evening. Thanks for the kind words and dropping by!!

Linda said...

Wanted to stop back by and let you know I'm just down the road in Hurricane. I'm so glad I found you and look forward to reading your blog.