Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Caroling

When is the last time you saw Christmas carolers out caroling?
For me, I couldn't tell you when.

I know the last time I went caroling I was in high school, until last night that is!!

My Aunt & Uncle had friends that were going and it was mentioned to me in passing that they were all going so I kind of wedged my way in and got myself an invite. ;0)


Last year I set it up at church that the teens would go. Actually anyone over 10 could go, we put an age limit on it because we planned to walk quite far and didn't want to have to worry about the younger ones with the traffic and all. Well the night we were supposed to go NO ONE showed up!! I was so disappointed.

Again it's set up at church this year. But from the get go I've said I wasn't going if it's raining, as far as I'm concerned no one needs to go out in the rain. It's supposed to be this weekend and of course the weather forecast is 70% of rain on Sunday.

So, anyways when I found out they were going I weaseled myself an invitation then as the day progressed it was just one of those days when you want to do nothing, go nowhere, kind of blah. I was late getting dinner started so it was like 5:25 when we're eating dinner, I was supposed to meet the group at 6pm. I quickly ate, asked Jason to put away the leftover food, threw on some warm clothes, called Aunt Charlotte to ask her is she'd stall then rushed out the door. I was the FIRST one there! I was right on time but everyone else was late, lol!!

We caroled for about an hour and a half and had a good time. My Uncle Rusty took this big flat bed trailer and put hay bales on it for us to sit on, decorated it all up with Christmas lights, hooked to a generator AND a sound system hooked to an Ipod to play other Christmas music when we weren't caroling. It was a good fun time, I was frozen when I got home but I had a great time!

PS...It's 4 days until Christmas, are you ready?
LOL!! I've been bragging that we are and we're NOT!! GGGRRRR, just a few days ago Jason decided he'd like to pick up a digital picture frame for his Dad, Larry and fill it with pictures of the kids and such. AND the control we're getting his sisters for their Wii still sits on a store shelf somewhere....I had it in my HAND last weekend twice and he wasn't ready to get it. NOW where are we going to be tonight? Sitting in traffic I bet ;0) to finish the shopping he has yet to do. *sigh*

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Julie said...

Sounds like you had fun! I was in choir in High School and we caroled every year. I miss it though! :)
I got my hubby a digital picture frame and put a bunch of pics on the memory card for it. He has NO idea. But, he loves showing pictures to other people so I thought it would be cool!
We leave tomorrow for our trip so I will say Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years. I will talk to you sometime after the 2nd! :)
Oh and if you could send some prayers/good vibes that we "catch this egg". I should know right around the 3rd!