Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Computer Issues

I am just so frustrated right now.
I fought with this darn laptop for about an hour Friday night (if not longer) to get the post below up, it just wasn't co-operating very well. Then on Saturday I couldn't SEE much of anything ~ worse then it has been ~ then it wouldn't connect to the Internet so I turned the thing off and left it that way until yesterday morning.

Background....I haven't had a new computer in 8 years. Then it was a desktop that was used by both of us, then he quit his job to start his own business and took over my desktop for a while until he could buy him a laptop for the job. A few months later he got a nice new $2500 laptop, which is now my laptop. So the thing is 7 years old, he got a new one last year, maybe 18 months ago. Soon after he gave me this one the video card began going out in it, so it almost always has lines running across the screen. Sometimes it's so bad you can't see anything to read anything, other times it's crystal clear for a minute or two, then sometimes while it has lines you can at least read things. I often find myself highlighting stuff to read it because then it's see able.

EVERYONE that we know that has computer problems asks him for help. And he helps them, fixes them, whatever needs done to them. For almost the whole 18 months now he's been telling me a new video card is around $50 and he's going to get one to fix this laptop. Then a few weeks ago he said he was going to wipe it clean, rebuild it and see if that would fix anything or help make it work better before buying a new one.

Well I'm just frustrated with that!! WHY does it take him so long to do anything for me when it comes to computer work? This is really the only adult conversation & interaction I have in my life, other then my mother and HIS mother!!! GGGRRRR!! And I don't goof off on it all the time, I use it for banking, paying bills, ordering all those sample freebies that save us money in other places (like buying laundry products, deodorants, etc.).

So, Saturday evening AFTER I sat here with him & the kids cooped up in the house AGAIN for another day (like I do every other day of the week!!!), listening to them fight, wrestle, yell, etc. Avery get left out of playing all the board games, whining, stupid movies like Bill & Ted's etc. him playing around on HIS laptop and texting other 'women' from a private forum for Clay Aiken fans, I was grumpy and pouting and said 'Why can't you just buy me a new computer?" of course he just looks at me like I'm asking for him to pick the moon out of the sky and put it in my hands. Then he watched a college basketball game while I did dinner, baths, etc again the same thing I get to DO everyday, put the kids to bed and he begins to watch 'Rocky' sorry but I can't handle Sylvester Stallone or those 'yo Adrian' movies. I went to bed at 9:!5 bored to death, same thing Sunday night, as soon as I put Avery in bed I went too, since there aren't any new episodes on TV this week.

Okay so I started this so you'd know why I'm not blogging everyday, or every few days. AND more importantly why I may not be visiting your blog as often or I may be visiting but not responding, just depends on this darn laptop and how it is or is not co-operating. So I'm not ignoring you guys OR dropping you or anything, just having computer issues.

PS....Crystal I did see the directions for making my music auto-play I've tried it several times and it still doesn't seem to be working. I may need to use a different hosting place but that isn't going to work right now either ;)


jenn said...

I don't know what I'd do if my computer went crazy!

Come visit when you can!

crystal said...

Email me at Cnewmans at yahoo dot com.
If you copy and paste all the html that you added to your blog to get your music there in the first place maybe I can fiddle with it and see if I can get it working for you!

Anonymous said...

My ex was an exec. at HP yet I could never get his help with my pc, so I know your pain. Maybe you could try to turn the resolution down on your video card? Perhaps it would help you save what you have left of it. Or better yet, tell him some random chick on your blog told you to try that as it might "quick fix" it and he is bound to say how stupid I am and fix the thing himself, right? ;) Either way, I hope it helps!

Crys said...

Another idea... if you pay all the bills... you could always pay the bill for a new computer. Merry Christmas to YOU!! Guess Santa knew what you really wanted.

Julie said...

Computers can be wonderful and horrible all at the same time. I'm sorry that you are dealing with the latter one. Aargh! :)