Friday, December 14, 2007

Making a List, Checking it Twice.......

Yep, I'm done with my Christmas shopping! Actually, we've been done with the kids stuff for a week or so now, since we found that TRANSFORMER we were looking for. But I hadn't shopped for Jason until two days ago, so now I can say I am done.

Well, we've been having issues with UPS & FedEx not 'finding' us or delivering to the neighbors and just tossing it on their porch or whatever for a few months now. It used to just be FedEx that couldn't find us but UPS has switched drivers in the last few months I guess and now they can't seem to find us either. Seriously, it's not THAT hard!! We have a well known street name, BUT it's a main street downtown and they don't seem to connect it to where we are too. It just drives me batty that they can't use their cell phones ( and let's face it they ALL have cell phones these days) to call and verify where we are. The other night we came home & there was a perishable package from Omaha Steaks sitting outside our door...for the neighbors!! I immediately got their phone number off the shipping label and called them so they could drive down & get it, at least it was still cold and not ruined!

But, knowing all that I shopped online for Jason two days ago with FREE Overnight delivery!! And there was a space for extra directions on delivery so I even put directions to our place there. So yesterday every time the phone rang I grabbed it if it wasn't his office in case it was the delivery person calling. But I missed it ONE TIME and it was them!!! GGGRRR, I even think they told him they were so and so from so and so with a package to deliver to Jennifer H. and just wanted to verify where we were. THE ONE TIME I DON'T WANT THEM TO CALL or AT LEAST DON'T TELL WHERE YOU'RE FROM!! So he comes out of his office to ask if I'm waiting on a package and that they'll be here in 30-45 minutes...with this look on his face. So I'm pretty sure they told him what store they were from and it won't be hard for him to figure out what I bought.

Trying to surprise him is hard. If he wants something he just gets it, unlike me who WANTS anew computer but would never order something for that much money without agreement from him. So anyways there were two things he's been wanting but hasn't picked up yet so I ordered those....we'll see if they are the right things because I'm not a techno person and it's that kind of stuff. (He doesn't read least not that I'm aware of so I'm safe with this post.)

So....have you made your list? Have you checked it twice? Are you done with your shopping?

P.S. We do have to pick up a gift for his sisters, thinking Wii controls to go with the Wii they are getting. And a gift for our oldest from Grandma. But that isn't my shopping that isn't done LOL!!


jenn said...

I just finished my shopping this morning. I'm totally done. Yeah for me!

Julie said...

Wow, done with shopping?! That is great! I cannot say the same! I have almost all the presents for my hubby though. So, that is good.
The most fun was shopping for my niece and nephews! It's fun to see all the different toys out there! :)
Oh and I updated my blog about the ultrasound!