Friday, December 7, 2007

My Christmas Decorations!

I thought it was time I get my behind on the ball and show you guys the pictures of the Christmas decorations I did this year. I actually took the pictures about two weeks ago (now there are actually presents under the tree ;0) ) and just never got around to posting them here! Shame on me, I know!!
First off will be the formal living room, this is a new tree this year, and it is bigger then the previous prelit one I had in there last year (and no it's not really leaning like it looks in the picture). I keep thinking it needs more but then again we kind of like it the way it is. Because it fits in with our decor better with less, I think. Who knows I may pick up some stuff on sale after Christmas to add to it next year, we'll see.
So here goes: unlit with room lights and flash on.
Now, with no flash & overhead light off:In that same room we have a fireplace, and on the hearth goes a village. In the dark with all lights & flash off. I'll start on the left & go right.
Here is a view of the whole thing unlit with lights on ;)
Okay, onto the dining room, this is what I've got as my centerpiece this year. They are candle holders, I've got small tea lights in them which just isn't enough but works.

On the corner of my kitchen counter I have this sitting. I have a different Christmas towel hanging on my oven door handle that we use, I don't have pictures of that.

And the family room tree, it's the one that gets all the mishmash or ornaments, all the kids collected ones, homemade ones, commerative ones, etc. It doesn't have a tree skirt but I've picked out a new one for the other room so maybe that one can come out here next year.

And all lit up

And our snowman Advent calendar:

I think that is it, thanks for looking!!


jenn said...

Beautiful decorations. I love the snowman advent calender. I don't have one of those.

Tobi said...

I love your new tree, Jenn!
When I looked at the "lit" picture, I said, "Ohhhh! Pretty!" out loud. hahahahaa

crystal said...

Hey! did you see Jewel's comment below the "love/hate" meme post? That's how I got my music on autoplay. It looks real technical but I swear it won't be hard at all.

Julie said...

I cannot believe I haven't told you how adorable your Christmas decorations are! I must be really preoccupied! Sorry about that. I love the tree and also the snowman advent calendar!! so cute! :)