Saturday, December 22, 2007

Now I can say it.

We're done shopping, thank goodness!
We didn't find what he originally wanted for his Dad, but he picked up something else last night.
Then this morning he said he thought he'd bought one for someone before, was afraid it was him. I don't remember buying one (a electronic Bible) for anyone before but, whatever.
So he went back out this afternoon, after checking three more stores for a digital picture frame this morning to get something different.
Now I can say we're done....but you know what keeps nagging at me? There is nothing under that tree with my name on it. I know that isn't what it's all about but Christmas is my favorite holiday and I can't help but feel like a dejected little kid.

On another note, we took the kids to see Alvin & the Chipmunks earlier today. It was a cute movie, I guess. I don't know if it wasn't what I was expecting that left me feeling unsure about it. OR the kid sitting on a parent's lap behind me that kept kicking me in the head and back of my seat OR Avery loosing interest after the first 30 minutes or so. So, if any of you go see it let me know what you think.

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crystal said...

I know how you feel. There hasn't been anything under the tree for me in 15 years. No, I take that back, he got me a cookie sheet our first christmas.
OMG. a cookie sheet.
I guess my reaction wasn't what he expected because there hasn't been anything since.
I mean, 3 of those years we didn't even have kids. He has historically made all the money and it's been silly for me to buy him anything but I've always made him something, an afghan, knit socks, a robe, a shaving bag, etc. It's been hard coming up with something crafty that a man would like all these years.
Heck of a lot more effort than NOTHING.
but I'm not bitter. Nope. Not one bit. (HA!)
This year I saved most of my money from my blog ads and bought him a little something. Two lbs of exotic beef jerky (it was THIRTY DOLLARS! OMG!) 1/2 case of Remington 223 ammo and some really nice flip top work mittens. I wrapped them and shoved them ALL THE WAY to the back of the tree. Yes, part of me is really hoping he feels like a total butthole. Is that wrong? he he he.