Sunday, December 16, 2007

Property Update

A while back I did a Thursday Thirteen on house hunting, what we're looking for and so on. Well, we've been considering some property that his Dad owns not to far from where we are now, really. He owns quite a bit, dozes them off then sells them, along with his Dad, it was a joint venture that they bought together several years ago now.

Anyways, we'd driven over there and looked at I think three times now. Marking mileage to town, timing it on the clock, checking different lots to see what we'd really like and what is available. Jason called his Dad a while back and talked to him about it and they were supposed to meet to go over and walk some of them, see what is an option for us and just check things out at some point. Well when Jason talked with him them he told him it was still a few years away before we'd build, then things changed. I convinced him to do it sooner rather then later, I mean Justin is going to be 11 in March, if we wait another 5 years he'll be 16 WHY build a bigger house then when he'll be leaving the house in a few short years? And if we're going to be paying for it for the next 25-30 years I'd rather get started when we're younger ;0) So Jason called him back about a month ago and never heard back ~ he is a truck driver and we knew thru his Grandma that he'd been working 60-80+ hours a week so he wasn't home much.

GUESS who Jason just talked to? YEAH!! He's cutting back on his hours this week so he's going to have some free time. Jason is off work the whole week of Christmas....there is a chance they are going to get together one day that week, weather is the biggest issue here, to walk some property lines and see what we think. I soooooooooooooooooooo hope this works out!! When the property was first bought his brothers & sisters (not Jason's his Dad's) were going to be given a lot by their Dad so we're hoping maybe since none of them took advantage of that deal that we might befall that fortune, if not we're totally prepared to pay the money but still, it would be nice you know?

So hopefully in the next few weeks, if not the week of Christmas we'll have more of a better idea as to if we're going to be getting a piece of that property and one step closer to building our dream house!!!

P.S. It is only 9 days until Christmas......are YOU ready??

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Julie said...

That's great about the property! Woo hoo! :)
And about Christmas, I am NOT ready! Can't we postpone it for a few days? :) lol