Sunday, December 30, 2007

So, how was your Christmas?

Ours was busy ;0) That is what happens when you come from a big family, with divorces and more big family gatherings. That is his side of the family anyways, the only thing we have to do with my parents & brother is Christmas Day brunch, I don't see anyone else for Christmas.

We had dinner here on Christmas Eve with his mom, her hubby, their kids, and Jason's other sister Keithann and her family. Yeah, there are 15 of us....quite an experience everytime! This time we had a deep fried turkey as our main offering then all the yummies to go with it. The kids were pleased with their gifts and we took some new pictures to put on a digital picture frame that was bought for his Grandparent's for Christmas. Then we all made our appearance at his Grandpa's house.

Christmas morning of course we opened all the presents here. The kids were pleased, they got exactly what they specifically asked for (which wasn't much) plus some. I bought Jason a new wireless router and a bluetooth mouse for his computer, that he'd been looking at by not purchasing.

What did I get? Technically......nothing. There was a piece of paper with my name on it on the tree that read 'Good for one laptop' from him. But, he's cheap and waiting on a $399 sale, then the next day said he'd rather just fix this one and me get something else. In other words....he is cheap when it come to me, whereas if he were wanting a new one he'd already bought it. But he's since figured out this one isn't fixable as it needs a new video card AND a new CD drive because this one won't work anymore for some reason. So supposedly I'm getting a new one....I told him if it takes until next Thanksgiving to find the price he wants it won't be a Christmas gift LOL!

Anyways, we went to my parents for brunch with them and my brother and his family at 11a.m. oh and we can't forget the presents ;0) We only do gifts for the kids there and surprisingly they kept it simple this year. My mom had asked them for ONE thing they really wanted and she'd get that, then she didn't make any promises on other things. Justin got his Nintendo DS Lite, we all love that thing ;0) I have since asked for one for my birthday LOL! Then we had to be at his back at his Grandparent's house for his Dad's side of the get together (* YES, it's the same I'll explain his true Hillbilly life to you. His Dad is Larry, Larry's om is Sandy. His mom is Crystal, her Dad is Dee. Crystal and Larry were 15 & 16 respectively when Jason was born so no marriage or anything involved. THEN when Jason was like 5 or so Dee & Sandy got married so he is technically each of thems grandson & step-grandson LOL!! So for family gatherings they do Dee's kids/grandkids/great grandkids and Sandy's kids/grandkids/great grandkids all at different times because it's just too many people for their house at once, shoot each side can be too many people sometimes!)

So we had a pretty good Christmas I think. No one was sick ON Christmas Eve or Christmas Day so that is a plus. I was a little disappointed because I only asked for TWO things and didn't get either of them (technically), a new laptop (and for the heck of it I'll show you what I see on this one)
and the DVD of POTC: At World's End. I hope you all had a great Christmas.

Then Wednesday morning I get up with a terrible SORE THROAT. It was gone by Thursday but whatever I had I still have. My ears are the worst today, clogged up sort of feeling. Jason is still off work (had been since the 21st) and will be until Wednesday of this week, and I'll probably start back to schooling on the same day so I'm sure I'll be back online more then.....hopefully with a new computer that makes it easier.


jenn said...

Sounds like you had a busy holiday. Go out and make hubby buy you a deserve it!

crystal said...

At least you got a gesture! I got a big steaming pile of JACK SQUAT!

Jennifer said...

Crystal, I wish men weren't so stupid & dumb like that. I honestly feel like it was a 'guilt trip' gesture. When his stuff came in and I was wrapping them my daughter kept asking if they were for him and what he was getting me etc. I told her I didn't think he was getting me anything, there was no evidence to point to it under the tree. I think she kept asking him what he was getting me ;0) Which is nice in a way but I hate that he had to be made to feel guilty to do it, makes me feel like he didn't think far enough ahead to plan better.