Tuesday, December 4, 2007

So.....see what I did today?

I had a hair appointment this afternoon. Last time I came home hubby said something like 'You didn't do much different did you?' or some such so I thought I'd make it easier on him to tell the difference this time *big evil grin here*

So, it's different, right?

P.S. Here is what it looked like earlier this morning ;)


jenn said...

I don't know what "before" looked like, but I think you look great!

Julie said...

If he doesn't say something today I would hit him over the head! :) lol
Cute before and way cute after! I think this may be one of the only set of pics I've seen of you by the way.

Suprina said...

I love it Jennifer. It suits you very well. Your just gorgeous!!!!

Crys said...

I LOVE it! It looks really good!

I went short while I was in Denver. Then liked it so much I went even shorter. Now I want it even shorter but the last time I did that I vowed to never do it again (pixie short) because I hated growing it out. Guess I never learn. So I'm keeping it chin length.

But yours is very flattering!