Tuesday, January 29, 2008

100 Things About Me

I'm late with this. I realized a week or so ago that I'd hit my 100th post and thought I need to do this but kept thinking I wouldn't be able to come up with 100 things. And I did struggle some. Hope it's not too boring for ya ;). Here you go.


1. I am homeschooling my kids.
2. I am named after my maternal Grandma Virginia aka Ginny & Great Aunt Nell respectively. The nickname Jenny just never "stuck"
3. I am about to turn 32!!
4. I LOVE to read!!
5. I LOVE to travel!!
6. I've lived within 20 miles of where I was born my whole life.
7. I attended one public school from k-6th grade.
8. Then my parent's enrolled me in a local small Christian school
9. I met Jason there in 7th grade.
10. There were 15 in my graduating class.
11. I was in the top 5 of that class.
12. I began dating my hubby while we were in 10th grade, on 2.6.92
13. On 2.6.08 I will have been with my hubby longer then we were apart!!
14. I was a cheerleader from 7th grade thru 11th grade
15. I sometimes regret not cheering my senior year
16 Instead I got a job my senior year, that led to my full time employment the same year I got married.
17. I got engaged at the age of 17 ~ the summer between jr. & sr. year of high school
18. We got married two years later.
19. While in the same 20 mile radius I lived in 5 different houses before leaving home when I got married.
20. I've lived in 4 different places since getting married.
21. I hope to build our dream house in the next few years and ONLY move one more time in our life!
22. I turned 21, 3 days after having my first baby.
23. I turned 24, 16 days after having my second baby.
24. I turned 28, 22 days after having my third (and last) baby.
25. I LOVE(d) being pregnant
26. I'm one of 'those' women who have quick labors.
27. All in all, actual labor with oldest was 4 hours.
28. With the second less then an hour.
29. With the third I went from 7 to 10 to delivered in less then 8 minutes.
30. I'm glad I was already in the hospital that last time!! Thanks to my midwife!! LOL!!
31. I like black and white photographs
32. I like old black and white movies.
33. I find I enjoy different COLORS in my house!!
34. I'm ready to go back to Walt Disney World LOL!! And we thought we'd go only that one time ~ maybe once more for the baby. Yeah right. I see many more trips in my future!
35. I always wanted a little girl named Caz (after my Daddy) Elisabeth
36. I have a weird *fetish* with what people name their babies.
37. I have a weird love for SONIC, and the closest one to me is about 45 minutes away.
38. I INSIST on the drive to SONIC several times a year ;) Mostly in the warmer weather.
39. I can sing.
40. I love MUSIC! Prefer country but like other some other stuff as well.
41. I've been out of the country once in my life.
42. I've been west of the Mississippi River once in my life.
43. I've flown only two times in my life (well 4 I guess if you count each way as one trip ;0) )
44. I loved the TV show Friends and can still watch the re-runs like I've never seen them before.
45. When growing up a friend & I watched Dirty Dancing just about once every day, no kidding we wore the tape out.
46. I miss my friends from elementary school.
47. Shoot, I miss ALL my friends.
48. I don't have many friends anymore.
49. I have one half-brother, he's 7 years older then me.
50. I come from a large family on my Dad's side. He was one of 14 kids.
51. I want to go to Hawaii
52. I want to go to England!
53. There are lots of places I'd like to see!!
54. I had braces as a teen
55. I am partially deaf in my left ear.
56. I had surgery to repair that ear when I was 10.
57. I like chocolate, who am I kidding I love chocolate! Any kind except dark, please!
58. I like Hydrangeas. I prefer the blue color ones.
59. I like tulips.
60. I also like Calla Lily
61. I named my kitty Callie because I like those Calla Lilies
62. I am all about bargains! I don't buy any clothing item that isn't a neccessity unless it's on clearnace.
63. I am a Beach/Ocean person deep in my soul, I think. ;0)
64. My eyes used to be a hazel green growing up.
65. They have changed colors as I've gotten older, now they are a caramel like color.
66. I can quickly become addicted to watching game shows.
67. I like to play puzzle games online.
68. I like to work crossword puzzles, search a word puzzles, etc.
69. I used to say my favorite color was purple, now I say favorite color of/for WHAT?
70. We have a Maltese, he belongs to our dd supposedly ;0)
71. I've coached cheerleading at a Christian school for two different ages since Sept. 2003.
72. I've given up the coaching since hubby has went back to work in the office.
73. I like candles.
74. I can get into some serious trouble walking into a Bath & Body Works store!!
75. I used to spend my whole lunch hour reading cards in the card store.
76. I worked until my oldest was 2 weeks shy of his 2nd birthday.
77. I supported our family pretty much from the time we married in 1995 until 1999. I had the better job, etc.
78. I drive a 2005 Honda Odyssey, it's paid for and I LOVE it!
79. I like to spend my summer in the pool at my parent's current house.
80. I like to play board games.
81. I needed to wear glasses when I worked, don't need them anymore.
82. I like lots of different fruit.
83. My favorite sandwich would have to be a cheesesteak.
84. I miss both of my Grandma's.
85. I never knew my Grandpa's, they passed before I was born.
86. I have 8 sister in-laws!!!!
87. After Jason & I began dating, his mom married my cousin. So now my cousin is also my stepFather in-law!!
88. I can make a mean lasagna.
89. Other then lasagna I don't think I cook anything well.
90. I'll be married 13 years this summer.
91. I have 3 nephews (with another on the way!!! ) and 1 niece.
92. The farthest north I have traveled would be the Cleveland area of Ohio.
93. We go on vacation to the beach with my parents once a year, almost every year.
94. I don't think I collect anything.
95. I used to collect dolphins, while I still like them I don't want all the clutter.
96. I prefer cats over dogs, especially little dogs.
97. Dolphins & Whales amaze me.
98. I'm SCARED TO DEATH of snakes. Can't even look at a picture of them!!
99. I don't like scarey movies either!!
100. I seem to like the color RED alot lately.


Crys said...

I'm so glad you did this! It was tons of fun to learn more about you!

Julie said...

Your list isn't boring! It is a bit hard to come up with all those things though, isn't it? :)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Great job - I learned a lot about you! :)

jenn said...

I feel like I know so much about you now!!

I too am a cat person, and my favorite color is purple.

I will NEVER get on a plane....EVER!!!

Have a great day!

Jen said...

I didn't think it was boring at all! You're so lucky to have had fast deliverys with your kids! Thanks for telling us all a little bit more about yourself! :)