Monday, January 28, 2008

Feeling a sense of accomplishment

I don't normally really post about the whole homeschooling thing. Why? I don't know. Maybe because I'm STILL not thrilled with it? That is horrible of me to say, isn't it?

Maybe because I'm still afraid I'm not going to be able to teach them everything they need to know ~ especially as I soon begin to teach Avery to read ~ just waiting on my new laptop to arrive as we have CD to use with the program and the CD drive on this laptop doesn't work. I want to be able to hand Avery his work for the day and tell him to read it to Daddy, when Daddy gets home from work and surprise him. ;0)

Maybe because I don't want to hear anyone say 'You're one of those' with that look on their face like we have leprosy. This is a big reason I no longer go anywhere ~ I don't want anyone to see me out with my kids and ask why they aren't in school. That one may be something I eventually get over....eventually.

Anyways, in our state you have to have your kids tested (Standford 10 etc.) like normal school kids or do what is called a profile. I'm not crazy about the profile thing. I have my reasons above and beyond this one but for now this is a big one to me. I want to be able to get those test scores in my hand and SEE that my kids have improved since last years, or haven't gotten worse! But I really hope to see that they are still on track and improving.

Well, we've got our dates scheduled. I went to a friend who's church started a Christian school this year and asked if my kids could be tested with their few students (my kids know some of those kids too) instead of dropping them at the county wide home school testing group ~ to me that would freak out just about ANY kid, to be dropped in a new place, with unknown people to take a NO WAY! So the testing thing is taking care of, mark that off my list.

Another thing is, Rachel finished up her Social Studies for the year last week. We went with ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) curriculum this year. So she finished that, will finish English Friday, Science by next Tuesday, and Literature & Creative Writing in the next week too. That leaves her with Math, Spelling, and Animal Science (which is an elective) to complete for the year. I borrowed a Social Studies book from ABeka from a friend and she & I are now working on that for Social Studies ~ won't take us long to finish that either. Then we borrowed Science & Health too. And she's going to do some arts & crafts some days, pretty much just to give her something to do until her brother gets closer to finishing up. I'd like them to be DONE by the time we test at the end of April just so we can enjoy the warm weather but we'll see.

So that sort of makes me feel like we're accomplishing something. I have rearranged our work to be completed & completed work stacks too and now the stuff that is completed is back in the box they shipped in with what little is left in the bag where I was storing the completed stuff. I guess I can start looking on eBay for next years work and answer keys to see if I can save some money too!


jenn said...

I think homeschooling is great. To be honest, before I started blogging, I was one of those people wondering why kids weren't in school when they were with their parents during the day. I am amazed at how many kids are homeschooled. If I had the patience, I might do it. But i think I would end up in the looney bin!

Oh, and I hope your kids ace every test!

Anonymous said...

Homeschooling is a TOUGH job! You go girl!!! --Lori

Jennifer said...

Jenn ~ I'm sure at some point I've wondered about kids when I was out & about too. But I'd never question their parents OR say something like that directly to their face about them being a homeschooler. Just because I didn't agree with homeschooling at the time it wouldn't be my place to judge them. But there are a lot of people out there who will judge, who WILL say nasty things to people about it and I've heard it once or twice, since then we just don't go out alot during the week ;0)

Lori ~~ it is a TOUGH job, but you know that from experience ;0) Hope things are going well for you!

crystal said...

I feel like you're being way too hard on yourself! Homeschooling is like parenting on STERIODS! If being a mom is the toughest job in the world then what is it to be a homeschool mom? We have the added responsibility of making sure that our kids don't become wards of the state (educationally of course!) and if they fail, we failed.
We don't have anyone to write a note to when jr. doesn't do well on a test.
It's ALL us.
You WILL teach them all they need to know. You WILL do a great job even if you see other HSers that speak to each other in Latin and do algorithims for fun.
Do you know what? Tom got TWO algebra problems right today out of 15. Yup,, that's a 13%. How's that for humbleing? I guess that means we'll be spending an undetermined amount of time on this lesson. But when he gets it (finally, some day) he'll GET IT.
Hang in there chicky!