Friday, January 4, 2008

Is your home full of color?

What color are the walls in your house? Are you an all white person or do you live for color?
I prefer color!!!
My kitchen & dining room is a beautiful olive green that I just love. We redid our kitchen last spring with new cabinets, countertops, appliances and now I love it even more. And best of all, we work so well on a small budget ;0). Let's see if I can show you. This is what it looked like when we bought the place 4 years ago:

PINK? My parent's 'flip' houses. They bought this one out of foreclosure & offered it to us at what they had in it, once all the updates & repairs were done. Since we agreed we pretty much did things the way we wanted them done & most of the work too. So this is the first day we walked thru or while we were working on other rooms.

This is what it looked like when we moved in:

Not really a lot of color but we had to cave on some of our preferences since they technically owned the house and it was just easier to agree and go on. And we knew we wanted to get new cabinets and such in a few years and this was so much better then PINK!

Now this is what we did to it last spring. BEFORE:

Oh my goodness look at the mess!!
I was determined the new one would be less cluttered, less STUFF less mess etc. Of course the high chair is gone as is the small black card table that was to become our eating table during the reconstruction.
So here is AFTER:

Isn't it beautiful? I LOVE it, we need to update that trash can & the bar stool is no longer there but you get the gist of it.
So that room is done. On a budget of less then $5000 CASH too!

Our formal living room wasn't done when we moved in, either. So in summer 2006 I did that one. We finally had the money for furniture and everything. I don't think I have before pictures on this computer but I can describe when it was bought it was white (well DIRT) really, with shag carpeting.
We wanted a red color and bought primer because it was recommended well the primer was pepto pink which in turn changed the color of the paint I bought so it never did turn out right and at the time I was just TIRED of working ( did I mention I was 3-4 months pregnant with Avery at the time?). And I can show you after, on a budget of less then $1500 (not including the TV that was Jason's Christmas present which I really FOUGHT putting in that room). I love this room now too.

This view is from the dining room into the formal living room:

Another view:

So, as you can see I like color in my home. We bought paint for the family room when we bought the red for the formal living room, yes two years ago.
Finally on New Years Day I decided there was no reason it couldn't get done. Well, there are three little people reasons but I'm sick of not getting things done around here so I cleaned stuff out/up and began. I HATED IT!! It was yellow, yes I knew that beforehand but Jason picked it out, I wasn't too fond of it on the color chart and once it hit the walls it was like Spongebob, Schoolbus, State road yellow. Just WAY to bright and ugly for me. Jason finally admitted it wasn't the shade he'd prefer either so I decided to dump white into the half gallon I had left to mute it down and start all over the next day. I painted around three kids while he worked all day and got 85% of it done, one wall has a big entertainment center on it with tons of cords and all that on it so I did what I could of that wall and then quit. I'll finish this weekend hopefully when he can unhook everything, help me move it out far enough to get in behind there then let it dry a little to rehook everything back up. I'm still not loving it, but if he likes it then I guess I can live with it. I'm thinking dark wood frames on all the pictures & such on the wall. We need either some A.) Dark brown furniture or B.)New slipcovers on this hand me down wore out stuff we have. And some brownish color window coverings I think.
THEN I'm doing my bedroom!! In almost 13 years of marriage we've never owned a bedroom set OR had our bedroom fixed up decent. I WANT that!! We actually agreed on a sleigh bed at a store last weekend and it was reasonably priced, I know what color paint I want, accessories, etc. I can SEE it in my head just gotta put the sweat behind that vision and make it come true!!
And don't you know once I get every room done it'll be time to move on.
So are you surronded by color or no?


Julie said...

I LOVE your house! The colors are awesome! When we next buy a house I will call you up to help me decorate it! :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks Julie! I'd love to take that call! ;0)

coacharob said...

Your house looks great! I unfortunately still have bland walls, beige actually in my house and it so needs to be painted. The previous owners try to touch it up before I moved in but they used gloss over matte and you can see these huge streaks on the walls. Pretty funny! My first project in the spring is my office. Right now it has a Pooh mural that is gorgeous but since I have no children, kind of out of place. I am painting it white, and having one wall painted red for my college, Western Kentucky Univerity. Then my dad and I are going to build floor to ceiling bookcases along one wall. Should be cool, but I'm in for a lot of work. We'll see...congrats on finally getting your dream paint job!