Saturday, January 5, 2008

The newest color in my house

Is now complete!! YAY!!

I worked hard for a few hours today to finish and I was so afraid I was going to run out of paint!! That wouldn't normally be a problem but this was a color we bought then I added white to it the other day when I didn't the original color ;0) It's yellow not my first choice but he likes it so it'll stay.

Now, I had this beautiful sea scape picture in my attic that I got free after hosting a Home & Garden party two years ago, planning ahead for this room. So I got Jason to get it out of the attic for me and it's TOO SMALL for the spot where I was going to put it. *SIGH*

I think I'll hang it about my desk maybe and see what else I can find. I know Home & Garden Party has another, newer one that is bigger (maybe only slightly) but it's so expensive! I feel the need to drive the 45 minute drive to a different mall so I can go to Kirklands, we no longer have one here locally.

Next room is my bedroom I think, then again I need to strip the wall paper border off in there first shouldn't be too hard, right?

I'd post pictures but while I now like the yellow since it's completed I don't like it with our current furniture and we need new window treatments too so those will have to wait. We waited until we got the room repainted and the kids were a little older to think about getting new furniture, and believe me we need it or this needs recovered. Hmmmm WHAT color to go with?

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jenn said...

Can't wait to see pictures! I would love to paint my walls bright colors, but I'm not that brave. My living room is a pale yellow, but the rest of my main rooms are dark wood paneling.

I would love new furniture too.