Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Travel bug is biting me!

I'm in the mood to TRAVEL!!!!
I don't know what has gotten into me, we don't travel often. It's usually one week a year and that is it. Of course this past year we were in Florida for 8 days in September then I got to go on my solo trip to California for a week in October. Now here I sit dreaming of where we're going next, when we can go etc.

Let me just say I have NEVER gone anywhere alone. NEVER left my husband and kids behind and went off on a 'journey'. But I also want to say it was nice!! Not that I didn't miss them terribly and enjoy Jamie & John's hospitality and that chance to see that part of the country. I actually find myself sitting here dreaming sometimes of where I could go for a few days alone, somewhere I want to see etc. Knowing full well that isn't going to happen ever again....not until the kids are old enough that maybe Jason & I can go somewhere alone for a few days, anyways. LOL!!

I think the next place will be a small trip to Washington, D.C. We're going to take the older two for 2-3 days and go to the zoo, the monuments, possibly do a White House tour, and Arlington National Cemetery. We haven't decided on when yet so I can't make any reservations or plans. Which is driving me crazy if Jason would just give me several dates I could work with I could start doing some researching, making reservations & plans.

It's killing me that we won't be doing the beach this summer. I LOVE THE OCEAN, the last few years we've went in April to Florida, Florida in September (once the beach once was WDW), The Outer Banks in June. This year Rachel is in ballet, the performance group with a performance on May 2nd so rehearsals will be in full swing in April so we can't really take off and go south. My Dad & Jason vetoed going to the Outer Banks again in June like we used to do every year ~ they've gotten spoiled to the difference in water temperature/waves/ all around difference of Florida I think.

So that leaves us looking to next fall for the beach ~ which also leaves us looking at Rachel's ballet schedule AGAIN next year. I'm beginning to HATE this performance group she takes part in, it's ruining all my good vacation time LOL!!! And it's only going to get worse as she gets older and grows with the dance group. *Sigh*

Anyways I think I am going to start looking at options for D.C. in May ~ maybe that week of Mother's Day, then the fall will be open to consider going to the beach October sometime, they will just have to get over it at dance if Rachel misses one rehearsal LOL!!

Here I sit dreaming of oceans to see, sunny days on the sand, new spots to explore, walking down River Street in Savannah, GA, watching the guards change duty at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, going shopping in these neat places, seeing places we dream of ~ Hawaii, England, Alaska, Ireland, Australia, take me away!!!!

Do you like to travel? Do you have any plans for traveling this year?


Julie said...

Oh man do I love to travel. The beach is my favorite! Of course, in AZ, all I get is the lakes! Cool but not nearly as cool as the ocean! Last year I got spoiled what with traveling to Ensenada, Mexico and the Caribbean. This year I don't think I will have many trips! :) lol

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I love to travel too, but unfortunately I married a homebody... And our budget lately hasn't included any extra for trips either. I think our last trip was while I was pregnant with Becca - I would so love to be able to plan a vacation for sometime this year, but it's probably not going to happen.