Saturday, February 9, 2008


So I thought I'd get creative and download a new template, use it here.
ONLY I lost my whole thing!!
All my link's EVERYTHING!

So, forgive me while I guess I'm under construction here.
Drat I wanted something pretty and 'special' and customized for Valentine's day and dummy me did NOT back up what I had, not that it was anything special but still!

Okay off to try to fix my mistakes!

***Okay I've got it somewhat back to normal, guess I'll just leave it alone and forget about all those other cute templates out there, teach me for trying to be 'techno nerd!***


Julie said...

Oops, I hate when that happens!
Hey wait a minute - are you calling me a techno nerd? :) lol

Crys said...

I had the same problem. So what I ended up doing was using a blogger supplied template, changing around the colors and creating a custom header picture in photoshop. So it looks all customized but really its just a standard template.

jenn said...

I won't even attempt to use those cute templates...I just do things my own way!

Jen said...

I'm so sorry! That's awful!!!!!! That's the reason my blog looks so blah! Hopefully I can get Crystal to help me make mine look pretty like hers!! :)