Thursday, February 7, 2008

Awards & Randomness

I realize that I was awarded these a few weeks or days ago, I'm sorry to those that awarded them to me for just now getting them up. I was having such issues with that old computer that I did as little as I had to, especially when it came to posting images and such. So now I'm playing catch up, it wasn't that they weren't appreciated when given, I was just lazy!! I'm going to try and go back to the oldest first.

"So here's the deal, inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times." I received this one from Crystal a fellow WV home schooling momma! This one is for those blogs that you just can't help but read every day, to make your day feel 'right'.

From Jenn this was passed along. She created this one herself (AWESOME work, Jenn!) Just to celebrate with all the blog friends you love!

And then I received this one a few days ago from Suprina. She and I have so much in common LOL!, we met at a private online forum a few years ago and I just love her! Sometimes I feel like we could be sisters! But first the 'rules' that go along with it.
1. Choose 3 people you want to reward for their good bloggy behavior.
2. Link them in a post along with the "Caught Being Good" sticker.
3. Let them know they've been "Caught Being Good" and encourage them to pay it forward.That's it! You don't have to be nominated to nominate someone.

THANKS AGAIN to all of you who bestowed these awards on me. Now for the passing along part. Well, you know what if you're name is in my blog roll to the left take them, please. I read all of your blogs everyday...even if I don't comment I'm there reading. Sometimes that is my sanity saver, with this crazy homeschool stuff I got myself involved in!! LOL!!

It's been a crazy few days here. One of my dad's sisters passed away on Monday. She had distanced herself from all 13 brothers & sisters (and friends) in the last 7 years, gotten involved in a religious thing that encouraged it, along with other things I don't agree with. Anyways, all I'm going to say is things are once again going to be rough in my family...between my Aunts & Uncles. I think my Grandma wouls be disappointed to see her grown children behave like this and not be the big, happy loving family I remember loving to spend time with. I used to look so forward to the family reunions once a year, just to see them all in one place, get to spend time with them, laugh, carry on etc. Those things just don't happen anymore and it bothers me.

Then of course you know Jason took a promotion at work, so he's working at the office now. That in itself is a big change, he's worked from home since 2001. Well, I had to drag the boys to ballet class today. Not without griping, mumbling, grouching from the oldest one of couse. Now tell me, he can sit here and play his Nintendo DS for an hour or he can sit over there and play it, what difference does it make that he has to go with me, he's still getting his 'game time' in. I'm also battling the beginnings of the dreaded hormone induced migraine. WHY? am I suffering from these dang things every month again? I've popped the Tylenol, drank the caffeine but I still feel it threatening...of couse I could stay off the computer! GASP, did I say that!

Rachel finished up her Science & Literature & Creative Writing courses for the year this morning. In just a week or so she'll finish her SECOND years worth of Social studies, meaning she'll be thru the other book of curriculum that I borrowed from my friend Stacy. And it won't take us long to go thru the Science & Health books she loaned me either. I guess then she'll just get to chill out and relax more each day. She'll only have math & spelling to finish up before the beginning of May ~ my hope to be finished date. I really need to sit down and see how much longer it will take forJustin to finish up his work.

Oh and if any of you don't already visit Suprina @ kitchen table chat (link over there on the left) could you? Her son Daniel is in the 5th grade and working a on project for school. He has 5-6 questions he needs answered by anyone that has completed the 5th grade, they need all the data they can collect by February 9th, 2008 if you could help him out!


Jen said...

I'll jump over to Suprina's and try and help out her son's project right now! Hopefully I'm not too late! Have a fabulous weekend! :)

jenn said...

I wish I had been around the past few days. I would have loved answering some questions. I hope they had enough people help.

Sorry to hear about your aunt. I hope things work themselves out and everyone can get along.