Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Birthday Season is here.

Yes, I said season, that is honestly what I call March-May around here.
This is the list of birthdays that we celebrate as we go forward. Even if it's just a card or a e-card I make sure I acknowledge EACH of these birthday for different reasons ;)

2 ~ Avery (our youngest)
3 ~ Jamie, good friend
6 ~ Brian (my brother)
8 ~ Rachel (our daughter)
9 ~ Courtney (bf's dd ~ 1 yr younger then my dd
~ they like celebrating together somehow ;))
11 ~ Dalton (same bf's ds ~ 1 yr. younger then
my Avery, again celebrate together)
15 ~ My mother in-laws
17 ~ Luke (our oldest nephew)
21 ~ Justin (our oldest son)
24 ~ Mine
11 ~ Jeremiah (middle nephew)
16 ~ Jason (the hubby ;) )
Seems like I'm missing someone on this
list but I can't recall who.
11 ~ Virginia (sister in-law)
17 ~ My mom
19 ~ Carmen (another sister in-law)
PLUS Mother's Day!!
So as you can see we're busy with the birthdays!! Do you have a 'season' in your family where it seems like all you do is celebrate birthdays or are they pretty spread out?
It's hard with the kids because we try to make each of their days, special BUT it gets expensive too!! Let's just say by the time my birthday rolls around on the 24th there isn't much hoopla, no cake, no presents, no parties (not like someone my age needs a party, but still), nothing usually, maybe dinner out my choice BUT seeing as how Justin's is 3 days before he gets to choose usually.
So far this is what I know we're doing for our kids. Avery is having cake & ice cream at Grandma & Grandpa's house on Sunday. We'll celebrate at least his & Rachel's with my parents, maybe a few others (we've invited 3 others) then. He's getting a new bike from us, he's outgrown his other one!!
The next Saturday Rachel will have 2 hours of ballet, then probably her cake with his side of the family since he has all those sisters to better appreciate a Hannah Montana theme LOL! She's also wanting to go ice skating. So maybe on Friday we'll go to the after school skate hours, and take along 4-5 friends. That is all I can afford to invite ice skating and still afford presents!!!
We're not sure what we'll do once the 21st rolls around. If it's nice he might get to go play golf with Dad & someone else but we'll just have to figure that out later.
Now...I need to order a CARS cake for this weekend, call the Ice Rink and verify hours for next Friday AND see if we can get a group discount FIRST!


Jen said...

Wow, you do have a TON of birthdays! Hey, I'm so sorry one of your friends is dealing with what I am dealing with choking/food stuck in throat wise. It's AWFUL! It's been going on 10+ years now for me! Your friend is welcome to contact me: I'll give me general email to you over the comment and then I can direct her to my personal email from there! :) I don't know how much I know, but I'd love to talk with someone with the same problem. Oh, and I accept anonymous comments as well if she wants to contact me on my blog through that as well. Here's my email: jen.tippets@gmail.com Thanks for you kind words! :)

Julie said...

Wow! August is our busy month but not THAT busy! :) Oh and I know we're not family except by way of blogging but my birthday is March 11 and my hubby's is March 4! Just had to add that! lol :)
By the way I really do like your background. Where did you get it and how did you do it?

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Hmm, wonder what it is about March (or June I guess, LOL!)... Ron's family has a ton of birthdays then too, including his mom and 5 of our nieces!

Abby was due on April 1st - I was just hoping she'd wait through March... And she did - she came on April 3rd. The only problem is that by then, Ron's whole family is "birthday'd out", LOL.

jenn said...

March is a busy birthday month for us too...we have 10 and one due on the 9th!!