Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another Birthday!

Yes, we had another birthday to celebrate this weekend.


Yesterday, our oldest son turned 11 years old. We didn't have big plans actually didn't do much of anything special. He got to pick out a game for the Wii we lucked into finding in a store last weekend. The kids had put away their money at Christmas time to pay for it and we hadn't been able to find one until now. Anyways, he wanted a new Super Mario Bros. Smash Brawl game that cost something like $50 and he had $15 cash so he paid for it with his $15 and we paid the rest. Yes, I know we got off keep but this is the month were all we do is celebrate birthdays so none of them get anything spectactular. We try to keep it under $40 per kid.

So he asked for a mandarin orange cake so I baked it early yesterday morning then left the cake(s) to cool while we went to the grocery store then put them together and 'iced' them when we got back.

Then we took the kids to my parents house where they were having a sleepover. Rachel is on spring break from dance today and Thursday so it was a good night to take advantage of that offer.

Anyways, so he's 11. WOW!

I can still remember when we found out we were pregnant...we were at the beach with friends (do you remember, Stacy?) I thought I was and it was confirmed while there. I was soooooo sleepy the first few months too. I slept all night the night before we came home from the beach and slept most of the drive home (9 hours)poor hubby was alone for the drive LOL! Then I would go to work come home sleep on the couch, that is how I spent the first few months.

Then we were excited for the ultrasound. Everything really was exciting since it was my first pregnancy just learning what all would happen, the experiences of feeling movement, hearing the heartbeat all of it.

Naming him was hard...I wanted something different, he wasn't fond of that idea. Who am I kidding? It was hard agreeing on names for all of our kids! So we finally picked out a first name a few weeks before he was born, his middle name wasn't agreed on until after he was here. I think Jason felt a little bit sorry for me so he caved ;0)

I'm blessed with labor stories though. Justin was due the 12th, he was born on the 21st that was hard waiting!! But I was having contractions the night the hospital called me to come in and be induced. We went in at 9:30 Thursday night, my Dr checked on me the next morning around 8am. Then he didn't come back until around noon and broke my water, he told my mom it would still take 8-10 hours, so they were going to give me some Stadol (stay-doll sorry about spelling!)so I could sleep. I woke up several times feeling pressure, they left me alone (well with Jason & my Dad came in after he got off work)and didn't check on me for FOUR hours!! When I told them I was feeling lots of pressure (and I was OUT of it!!) they finally checked me and it was time to go!! Jason had to keep rousing me to push because I couldn't come out of that drug induced stuff!! Too late for a epidural, he was born with a HUGE black spot on the crown of his head. The nurse said she thought he'd been there for about 2 hours or so but I couldn't tell them anything since I was so drugged and the Dr didn't check on me.

She said honestly I was in labor for 5.5 hours...not bad for a first baby.

Sadly I was stupid enough to see this Dr again with Rachel. He didn't even make it in time to deliver her. He knew I was there, he knew I had a quick labor delivery with the first one but yet a intern delivered her and he made it in about 45 minutes later. Total labor time was less then 2 hours with he, no epidural this time either.
For Avery I wasn't even in labor that long, my midwife checked me in the night before I hit 38 weeks since I'd had contractions off and on all day & was loosing water. After being admitted my water broke, I received a epidural (the first TIME I had one!)and he was born within an hour...actually from the time I hit 10 to him being here was less then 5 minutes.


crystal said...

Happy Birthday Justin!
Hope you guys have a blessed Easter!

Angela said...

Your experiences sound like mine!! Except, mine got LONGER each time! My first was less than 2 hours - the second was 4 hours and the third was about 5 hours... isn't that strange?? Didn't have time for epidural with the first, but did for the second 2... thank goodness!

forgetfulone said...

Happy B-day! My babies are 11 also. Twins. boy/girl. I also remember everything about when I found out I was pregnant, and of course, labor and delivery. It wasn't easy! No C-section for me. I think that would have been easier. I was pretty groggy by the time I was supposed to push, too. Oh well. Don't wanna give TMI here!

forgetfulone said...

I've got you in my blogroll!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Sorry I'm a bit late, but want to wish Justin a Happy Birthday! :)