Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This kid is so funny, the things that come out of his mouth keep us laughing alot.
I always say I should write them down, sadly I didn't keep up with alot of them and wasn't blogging yet so I can't remember some of them but I can remember laughing continously with this little boy around.

So, recently these have come out of his mouth.
  • 'Now I have a finger headache!' This said after the cat got his finger with her claws when he was playing with her.
  • 'Can I ground Rachel?' For the record NONE of our kids have ever been grounded. I guess she was doing something he didn't agree with this morning.
  • Again with 'Now I have a hand headache!!' Again, he's playing (tormenting) the cat and she scratched him...barely can be seen scratch but he thinks it's horrible.


Jen said...

SO CUTE! I wish I remembered all the cute things my Kya said. I need to start writing them down. We are always laughing as well. :)

jenn said...

a finger headache and a hand headache...that's adorable!

forgetfulone said...

I think blogs are so perfect for writing down the cute things the kids say! Back in the day, the only way to remember it was to have paper and pen handy at just the right time. Now, when you are reflecting on your day for your blog, you can remember all those things, and it's so sweet.