Monday, March 31, 2008

Do you ever feel like?

***WARNING*** If you are a super neat freak, ocd or what have you don't say I didn't warn you that some of these photos may freak you out. LOL.
Do you ever feel like your house is closing in on you? That even though you just cleaned everything has multiplied and you just don't know where it's all coming from? Like you own too much clutter? Let's see, like you'd like to rent a dumpster start throwing things in it and leave it that way?
THAT is how I am feeling. There are toys everywhere you look it seems. A. has most of his toys in the family room because 1.) He's really just now at an age when I'd leave him in a room to play by himself (if he'd LET me) 2.)he shares a room with his older sister and she doesn't want him playing in there with her.
So that room seems to always have clutter. Since he & R. share a room 'their' room seems to always be cluttered. J. has too many TRANSFORMERS but honestly? He plays with them all, so I solved the storage problem by putting them in Rubbermaid totes. Only thing with that is he pulls them all out when he wants one. His closet is where I store gift bags/wrap/etc. and my vacuum since I don't have a linen closet or any other closet to put those things.
The kids were changing sheets on their beds earlier and he just left it at that and walked away. This is what his room looks like as I walked past a few minutes ago. ( I can't believe I'm showing this)

I think I need to participate in Tackle It Tuesday this week and tackle the kids rooms. But if I'm in there working my behind off then they are in another room destroying it. Such as this: (what is R. & A.'s room)

I think I need a sitter and some serious time alone.
To tackle their rooms plus the family room.

The only room that isn't a disaster area in this house is the new red living room. As they aren't allowed to play in there, eat in there, bring toys in there so forth and so on. Even the kitchen gets cluttered, especially since the dining room table is there and that is our 'school room'

And did I forget to mention that our forecast since Friday and until this Sunday is pretty much rain everyday. And that hubby is flying out at 6am Wednesday morning & not returning until after 11pm Friday night so it's going to be me & the 3 of them, alone, in the house, for this week. Except the run to the bank to pay the mortgage, the dance store to pick up new ballet shoes for dd, and um...oh yeah, an hour of ballet class Thursday evening, an hour of rehearsal on Friday evening. And possibly a run to Wal-Mart for groceries too. *faint*

*SIGH* I need a dumpster, then someone to zap away all the 'junk' And it's really not alot of toys, just alot of bulky stuff which makes it hard to store. And with three kids here 24/7/365 I can't get rid of what helps keep my sanity sometimes! How do you fight the clutter? *I can't believe I just showed you all how horrible my house looks.


Jen said...

Oh man, if I had the time, I'd get my camera (if I could find it through all my clutter) just to make you feel better about your house! Your house looks like a house with kids and truly isn't looking that bad to me. My house looks like a bomb went off! Oh oh oh, I do have to say I LOVE the storage bins on the shelves that they have at Target. I'll try and find a picture and send it to you. . . or I guess I could just find the link. I'm wishing my house was looking like yours right now at least. It's a disaster and we leave tomorrow morning AHHHHHH!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah the life of a Mom! It never ends does it!!! --Lori

jenn said...

Your kids rooms look like mine! Since they are on spring break this week, I', letting it go. I can't imagine having them here all the time. I would go nuts!

If you find a solution to the mess problem, let me know!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Believe me, I've seen worse - usually in my own kids' rooms... :)

I'm with you on all of the junk - and it seems like there's no way to get on top of the clutter. I'm not sure if we need a bigger house (not going to happen!) or the dumpster that you mention, but something's got to give at some point. And the kids have got to get better at picking up their stuff - Abby and Hannah clean their room and I swear a half hour later you wouldn't be able to tell...

Angela said...

I think EVERY parent feels like you do at some point (every day!)- the clutter is a never ending battle.

My best tool is the big black garbage bag. I'm a tosser. Anything that doesn't have ALL of it's parts or maybe has too many little parts, or maybe I am sick of picking up myself one too many times get's tossed.

duchess said...

It's good to know I'm not alone. I fuss about it a least once a day - especially when my daughter can only find one shoe.

Enjoy the mess while they're home - the day they will be gone will come too quickly.