Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

The decision to home school our kids this year was a HUGE decision last year. And I'll be honest I wasn't really happy about it or thrilled to be doing it. I was so upset when we didn't re-enroll our kids in their private school last April, it tore me to pieces when I picked them up the last day, saying goodbye to friend (them and me), teachers, adult conversations LOL!!
I was still in denial through June and July although he was adamant about it.

And I'm not going to lie and say it's been a breeze, it hasn't. Not a week goes by that one of them isn't griping about the amount of work they have to do. Whether they have to do all the problems on that page in Math. Whining & crying over spelling tests, yes she cries when she can't spell it correctly. I am so tired of the questions "Do I have to?" "Why do I have to?" "Can I do it this way instead?" "IF I do this many can I skip this many?" that I've heard all year. Most of the time those come from our oldest, and most of the time if he'd just do it to begin with he'd been done with it in less time then he's spent mouthing about doing it, griping about doing it, mumbling about doing it to begin with.

But today? Today I'm feeling a sense of accomplishment. R. is in 2nd grade in 6 subjects (Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Animal Science, Literature & Creative Writing) and does 3rd grade Spelling work. Today, yes TODAY we technically finished her work for the year!!!!

I say technically because we still have to do our Stanford 10 testing the last week of April. And I'm going to review some spelling words with her to make sure she remembers them. She learned 480 new words this year, I've chosen 65 of them to review ~ mostly if she seemed to struggle with them at any point this year. And she's doing some math review worksheets I printed off the web. We're also going to begin memorizing multiplication tables to get a jump start on next year.

We ordered a whole years worth of curriculum and started on a few subjects in early August. We left it all at home when we went to Florida in September. Took a few days off here and there but mostly if we were home and Daddy was working anyways, the weather was icky then we worked.

J. isn't far behind. He's got less then 20 pages of Math & English to complete for the year. And we're reviewing his States & Capitals to make sure he remembers them all. Then he is done for the year.

For what it's worth he's griped about not getting snow days too nor Spring Break this week. But I told him we're going to be DONE in a few weeks. I'm basically just going to keep doing a few things with them until we test, then we'll do nothing (well not anything structured ~ we do have some science experiments and such we want to do this spring/summer) for a few months. And do you know when the county schools here will get out...and most private schools too for that matter? June 6th. A whole 4 weeks after we're done with it for the year, HELLO SUNSHINE, easy days, relaxing, playing outside, nothing!!

On that note, while the sun is shining here today and it's actually 65 outside, we're going OUTSIDE!!!


forgetfulone said...

That's terrific! I teach in public school. I wish my kids could either go to private school or be homeschooled, but I don't have the patience to do it, and besides, I have to work. I admire you for what you're doing for your kids.

Crystal said...

Way to go Jen!! That is a HUGE accomplishment! I don't know if I would have the disciplin to Home School my kids... even though I wish I did.

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

Way to go Jennifer!! You should be so proud of yourself. It does not sound like an easy task to home-school. (You know the kids would not whine to teacher at PS like that, too bad they do for Mom!)
Get out and enjoy the 65 degree weather. It sounds lovely. I just got dressed and am wondering if it is too hot for my hoodie!!
Have a nice day! {Hugs}

Jen said...

I don't think I could have the patience to home school, so I'm totally in awe at people like you! You deserve to be praised for all you do. Go have some fun outside!

duchess said...

I was really glad to read this post. I've really been struggling with making this decision. I think most of the problem is me. There are some aspects of school that I'll miss (I'm not sure if my children will or not) and I have to admit that I'll miss the time that I have to myself.
Can you tell me what curriculum you are using?

I'll keep you posted on the final outcome.

jenn said...

Great job! I know the kids will be happy to get outside and play. We're in the mid-70's today, and it's gorgeous outside.

Jennifer said...

Duchess ~~ I left a reply on your blog but just in case you don't see it I'm going to post it here too.

I use ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) curriculum. It's a Christian based curriculum published by Liberty University.

They have a website at and there is a spot for homeschool stuff there.
I have found a support group on yahoo groups too. Although they overwhelmed me more then anything.

I put my email addy in the comments on your blog fee free to use it if you'd like to ;)

it's me, Val said...

WHAT an accomplishment!! So happy for you. I can hear your relief and your happiness in your words.