Tuesday, March 11, 2008

One of "those" days!

HI there if you're looking for my Ultimate Blog Party Post it's below this one, here. But please, stick around and read the others too!! And IF you're leaving comments I WILL respond in kind to visiting your blog, I'm just a little behind...read on ;0)
Did you ever just have one of *those* days? I promise you this is the FOURTH time today I've sat down with my laptop to blog an entry AND to finish visiting those who left me comments on my Ultimate Blog Party post yesterday. I WILL MAKE IT THERE at some point, I PROMISE!!
Today has just been one of *those* days for me!! I spent the afternoon yesterday doing something productive *read this means not sitting on my behind all afternoon reading blogs like i wanted to but actually getting up and accomplishing something* I went into my dd & youngest ds room (shared) and began to go through their closet. I've had it looking like it's about to explode, she's crammed things in there that don't' belong in there, including little pieces of paper *the kid thinks you should throw not one single iddy biddy piece away* play dishes/food I can't remember what all I found in there that didn't belong. Well this weather of sunshine ( I won't say 'nicer' as it's still cool or cold on some days!) has jump started my *itch* to spring clean. Anyways...to the point, Jennifer! I cleaned out 4 bags of clothes that she has outgrown from her closet & dresser drawers. And two bags of his. I also cleaned out 4-5 pairs shoes that she has outgrown too....one kid doesn't need that many pairs but she & Grandma share a *shoe fetish* do I need say more? Now I just need to get in there and do the same with all the other junk ahem...I mean 'toys' LOL!! I've promised her that I would get her walls painted the lime green color she wants soon so I've got to do this stuff first or as I clean out the room to paint.
Then this morning I seemed to have more energy and ready to go again so after I grabbed a quick shower, while all 3 kids were playing nice together I took advantage of that ;0) I cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed the whole house, did two loads of laundry ~ have third one going now, dusted the whole house, cleaned out the pile of paper junk under my desk while doing school lessons with the youngest one, balanced my checkbook ( I as online going to do my blog post this time & the phone rang ending that dream), fixed the kids lunch & cleaned that mess up, sat down to blog again had to check in on my forums and the phone rang again!! So back on my desk went the laptop. See? I told you it's one of those days!! And I think I've been called to the potty 3 or was it 4 times already because Avery is 'done' and needs assistance in wiping....TODAY.
While I was on the phone both of the older kids came asking for help with a school thing. Well, one was for help the other was trying to whine himself out of doing something that I assigned to him today. Can I tell you how sick I am of hearing 'Can I do this instead?' or " Do I have to do ......." IF it's assigned then do it! IF you'd just take the energy to do it instead of whining to get out of it you could have been finished with it! Don't ask for help when I'm on the phone (seriously I'm rarely on the phone, there has been a death that I had to let my hubby know ~ not family just a friends family. Trying to co-ordinate a babysitter this evening so we can go to the visitation together...at this point looks like he's going alone) do what you can then I'll help you once I'm off the phone.
So finally the phone has quit ringing...I think. The schoolwork is done...partially, oldest son is finishing his math assignment right now, and I was determined to sit down and write. Now...what was my bloggy thought I wanted to write about this morning??????
hahahahaha!! I have no clue!!
But I do want to mention this. I'M READY FOR SPRING!! I need to get into oldest son's closet not to mention our room, seriously I'm not going to mention the clothes I haven't worn this winter because they are *tight* or don't fit. The dresses that I've owned for 5+ years that I'm sick of looking at...I just want to go buy a whole new wardrobe. Only problem with that is I refuse to buy a bigger size so I'm going to have to get out and move to loose some weight which I can't do with 3 kids tagging along this very busy stretch of road so I guess I'll keep what I've got another 5 years. *Depressing!*
And on another good note? R finished her MATH curriculum for the year. All she has left is about 40 pages of Spelling, which includes two tests. Then we're going to review some math & spelling...I want to make sure she remembers what she learned new this year ;0)
J. is down to four subjects to complete for the year. Math, English, Social Studies, and Literature & Creative Writing. He will complete those last two before Good Friday, March 21st and will be down to only two subjects, and the last of those. Our goal is to be done by April 28 when we have testing, so we can be done after testing is over and enjoy May OUTSIDE somewhere!!
Oh did I mention hubby is going to Nashville for a business thing from Wednesday-Friday in April? Now, can I secretly tell you how jealous I am of him? I've looked up his hotel ( a Hilton Garden Inn no less) and it's super close to a mall that has a The Children's Place outlet there with who knows what else. AND Suprina, my good blogging buddy lives only 30 minutes from there we could so meet up!! And the Grand Ole Opry is 0.6 miles from the hotel. I wasn't invited. ;0( His boss invited him to go with him, footed the airfare, hotel, all food everything while they are gone so it's not like I could just tag along that airfare was expensive last minute!! Besides, R has ballet 2 of those evenings ~ one is rehearsal, we have a dog & two cats that would have to be cared for while we were gone...even though my mom volunteered to keep the kids I don't see it happening that I go. You realize I LOVE country music, right?
Oh well...I'm being beckoned to the potty again.............and I need to get dinner figured out, grade that math assignment, check on the laundry, try to find a sitter again, then possibly go to that with him if not maybe I'll have a few to hope around to see you guys later!!


Jen said...

Oh man, I LOVED this post!! Wow, you need to give yourself a pat on the back for ALL you have accomplished. You've made me feel so lazy sitting here at the computer reading blogs, LOL! As soon as my Kya is up, I'm gonna go clean/do laundry etc etc. I SO need out my kid's closets and put away/give away all the stuff they've outgrown. It's been staring me in the face forever! I too, have SO many clothes and dresses I don't like (5+years old) or I don't fit in anymore and should get rid of them. Like you, I DO NOT wanna buy the next size up, so I need to keep up with the treadmill, etc etc and get off the computer, ha ha ha! I'm jealous of your hubby too! A Children's place outlet? AWESOME! Okay, I'll end my novel! Loved this post!

jenn said...

You've been busy! I have that itch to spring clean too, but I keep getting outside instead. It's so pretty outside!