Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Taking a day off.

Our weather forecast yesterday was mid 70's lot so sunshine and wind. So I decided we were taking the day off. No schoolwork, no housecleaning, nothing. And that is mostly what was done too! I even managed to get a little sunburn ~ WHAT? It's only March 3rd but I did!!

So I took the boys and went back to my parents house, Rachel had stayed the night before. They get sunshine all day, and here in my yard we don't....not this time of year anyways. So by 10am we were out of this cold, dark hole and off to the land of sunshine LOL!!

I didn't do much all day. I sat in a lounge chair watching the kids play. I did get up and fix them lunch. I did go for a nice long walk, I wish I could do this everyday!! But that's about it. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it felt so good to just relax in the sun!!

Now, today we're making up for it. I'm catching up laundry, housework, cleaning wood floors, need to fix a nice decent dinner tonight (not sure what that will be yet). And the kids are plugging away at the schoolwork too. What's that I hear? Yep, it's the washer & dryer calling my name *sigh* the price we pay to have one day off ;0)


Jen said...

Wow, that sounds wonderful!!!! I love that the warmer weather is on it's way! I played outside yesterday too! I have so much to get done today as a result, yet, I'm on my way to a playdate! I'm gonna have so much to do tomorrow!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh that sounds like a lovely day - I hope you enjoyed the warm weather ! :)

jenn said...

One day off around here usually means spending three days playing catch up! I'm glad you had a ggod day. I'm enjoying being able to walk every day. it's so refreshing to be out in the fresh air!

Angela said...

But isn't it soooo worth it? Even one day off can make the "catch-up" bearable. You are soooo lucky you live somewhere where you get a 70 degree day in March!

Where we live- it's SOOOOO cold. Well- not where we are staying right now- but, that is why we left home for a couple weeks!!