Monday, March 17, 2008


That is how many blocks I managed to walk on Saturday morning while R. was in rehearsal at the Ballet Studio. She had to be there for an hour of rehearsal, then an hour of class. I walked out the door as soon as the rehearsal class started, I was back less then 30 minutes later.

I felt SO GOOD! I started to go do the same walk again during her second hour but got to talking to another mommy and never made it out the door.

So...anyways, I WISH we lived in that neighborhood where I could walk like that daily. But we don't. We live on a main US Route and walking is kind of dangerous. Even if I cross the four lane and go walk in that area it's too dangerous to even consider doing with the kids with me. And there are no 'blocks' laid out over there so it's hard to gauge how far you've walked.

I really, really want to get back into walking. Before I got pregnant with our youngest I dropped almost 15 pounds in about 12 weeks by walking 6-9 miles a week, usually 3 miles every 3 days, sometimes more sometimes less. But we no longer live near that park with the walking track and it's hard to get the time in to go!

So I've been wondering about those walking DVDs like Leslie Sansone and others. I just wonder if they'd be boring, just standing here fake walking? I'd like to have a treadmill but I'm not sure that would ever happen. I've looked on the libraries website to see if they have any of those walking DVDs to try but they don't, at least not that are available at the moment.

So my question to all of you use these DVDs? Have you in the past? Can you keep yourself motivated to do them? Better yet HOW do you get all the kids out of your way to complete the video? Are they like 30 minute workouts or what?

I really want to lose some weigh, get back into shape somehow *SIGH*


duchess said...

Thanks for coming to visit. It's nice to meet you.

How's the homeschooling working out for your family?

Hope you have a great week.

Jen said...

I have never done the walking DVD's, but have also wondered about that, so I'm curious to see if anyone else has. . . I have access to my MIL's treadmill while we are living here, so I'm grateful for that! I'm not sure what I'll do when we move. I need to lose weight as well! A good blogging buddy has started a weight loss blog called You should go check it out. Hopefully it will help me be more accountable :)

crystal said...

You and me both. Everyday I skowl at the treadmill and threaten "you, me, we're gonna get some walking done"
Mr. Treadmill just laughs at me. I can seriously hear the treadmill mock me.
dern thing.