Friday, March 7, 2008

Who I Am

So I received this in my email this morning, it's brought tears to my eyes.
Jamie, Jason, and Jason's sister Keithann have mentioned Casting Crowns to me several times. I've listened to them online and like some of it but some of their music I just can't get into. But this is something done with their music and WOW. Oh yeah, you need to go down and pause my automatic music player so you can hear this one ;)


Jen said...

K, so I shouldn't write this for the world to see, but I'm a moron and can't figure out how to pause your music player so I can here this video :( Anyways, to answer your question: We're headed to the Tampa area, but plan on going to Orlando, Daytona Beach etc as well. I've never been there, so I obviously don't know what are "must see's" or not. Have a great day!

ASH said...
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Angela said...

Jennifery- that was soooooo cool! I absolutely love it. That is one of my favorite songs, anyway, but the visuals in this video are so neat! Thanks so much for sharing ;)