Wednesday, April 2, 2008


With three kids for three days.
Oh, did I mention our weather forecast for tomorrow & Friday?
Lots of rain, thunder, wind.

Yes, I know is it really that big of a deal? You're home all the time with them anyways is probably what you're thinking right? Right, I am but not while the 'homebody' of our marriage (aka hubby, Jason)is out traveling while me, the one who loves to travel is left behind. Hence the green jealousy font here, lol.

He went to Nashville, TN for a conference. Again, hence the green jealousy font. As I'm sure you can tell by my music here (if you hear it, if not check out my play list below) I am a BIG Country music fan. BIG fan. He is not. How fair is it that he's in the country music capital and I'm here, with the kids?

Evidently, life isn't always fair ;0). The kids and I dropped him off at the airport at 4:55am this morning. We'll pick him up after 11:30pm Friday night. I talked to him when he landed in Nashville, then again a little while ago.

He went to the Opryland Hotel today for lunch. His boss didn't think he should be in Nashville without seeing it, they also had lunch there. Tomorrow night there is a tour through the city then dinner somewhere. Did I mention I'm jealous?

He could walk past a country music personality and not even know it unless it's Reba, Kenny Chesney, maybe George Strait, or a member of Rascal Flatts but I'm not sure he'd recognize them.

He asked before telling his boss he'd go, like I could really say 'No you can't go.' I can't hold back his career, they love him at this place. He's got it made, I'm not screwing that up. We've been on the opposite end, and too recently to mess this up.

But still........hence the jealous green font LOL!!


jenn said...

Oh, I would be so jealous too! Hopefully, maybe, he'll bring you back something awesome!

Angela said...

Oh, girl- don't I know EXACTLY what you are coming from.

I love to travel, too- but HUBBY is the one who goes so much! He's gone right now!

So I can completely relate.