Monday, April 28, 2008

Did I forget to mention?

It's dawned on me that I've forgotten to mention a few things in the last week. A few things I can't believe I forgot to mention.

1. We're done with our school year. The grade appropriate curriculum has been finished, the standardized testing required by our board of education has been completed too, now we just wait for those scores to come back and submit them.

2. This is THE week, the finale somewhat to the spring session of ballet. R is performing Friday night at a big performing arts center/museum along with her others from her ballet school, ChildSong, and the WV Youth Symphony. They are doing The Little Mermaid, not the Disney version ;) So tonight we have rehearsal from 6-8pm at the state college theater. Then dress rehearsal on Thursday night, then two performances on Friday.

3. Also she was recommended for a week long class this summer with a guest instructor from the Russian Ballet! So she will do that M-F for one hour every day one week in June. I imagine it's going to be intense for her.

4. Hubby is going to Va for a work related golf tournament on May 6th. Then another one here in state in June. And he just up & decided he needed new golf clubs so dropped over $300 on part of a set over the weekend. Why do the men always get their toys but the mom is the budgeteer in the family & has to fight for anything. Like this laptop I practically had to beg for. Then gone to another conference in August for 4 days to WI. When is mom's turn to get travel perks with her job I wonder? Remember he's the homebody I'm the travel lover.

5. It's driving me nuts not to have our vacation settled. We were supposed to be going to Florida & WDW in September. We were going to take the younger two to WDW for 4 days, leave the oldest with my parents at the beach (his choice)then meet them there and spend several days there. I was hoping for a total of 10-12 days gone. Now my parent's aren't going to go...gas prices, needing a roof on their house, etc. So it looks like our beach vacation is off for the year. GGGGRRRR. As for WDW that isn't looking like it's going to happen either, not in September...maybe January or February. Great another 4 months with no vacation for me.

6. A is being such a clingy body it's driving me nuts. In my bed after 4am this morning, right up next to me the whole time. Right up on me, well mainly his feet touching me anytime I've tried to sit down and accomplish anything today. Just clingy. I need some space.

And yes, I'm moody today (as if you couldn't tell) the kids are fighting, constantly. They are bored, like they don't have rooms full of stuff to do, fine I can give away a bunch of toys! I've had not one minute of peace, R is whining being a 'brat' over everything. It's pouring the rain outside and cold, just when we'd gotten spoiled to some nice outside weather. I really need to focus some time on the Thrifty Diva's website I'm putting together AND the baby shower invitations I'm supposed to be making for my sister in-laws baby shower the end of May. But I can't concentrate or focus on anything right now......I have to go break up a argument I hear brewing in the other end of the house!


Jen said...

Shoot, sounds like my day. I've been up with a screaming baby since the butt crack of dawn and our dishwasher is broken. I could go on and on, but I'm more sad for you!! Hello, you HAVE to go on vacation. You just HAVE to. You've been looking forward to this forever!!! I hope something changes and you are able to go sooner than later.

jenn said...

Last year was the first time we went on a family vacation, and we've been married 12 years! I'm hopin git's not another 12 before we do it again!

Amber said...

Poor Jason, having to golf for work....I know he's just tore up about that! I think you need to find yourself a little "home school teachers convention," preferably in Hawaii, and go for a week to "learn for the kids"! I'll look around and see if I can't find one of those for you. At the very least, my cousin in Vegas who home schooled her kids can surely point me in the direction of something out there.