Monday, April 14, 2008

In a holding pattern.

THAT is how I feel today.

Jason is at the hospital again. They put in a temporary pacemaker last night and it seems to be doing the trick. He is on a ventilator but they've lowered it from 100% down to 40% levels by early this morning. Jason went on over there to be there for the meeting with the Dr's...which finally showed up just before noon. So, the one Dr is recommending they replace the temporary pacemaker, he is looking for a surgeon and hoping he will agree and get it done today. In the meantime they've tied his Grandpa to the bed because he's alert and trying to get up. And he's trying to talk around the vent so they are having the family members go in and talk to him, sit with him etc. to keep him calm while they locate a surgeon. IF the surgeon doesn't agree that he can handle the surgery then they may have to just remove the temporary one and he may get worse again. I got up, got the kids & myself ready to go out the door in a heartbeat if needed, packed them overnight bags & made plans with my mom to drop them there so I could get to the hospital. Now, I'm sitting here waiting because depending on what the surgeon says Jason may head into work for a few hours, it's really close to the hospital too if he needs to rush back over there. So that is where we are with that right now.

And something else I realized I haven't said anything about. In the process of checking out the property his Dad owns again we saw a real estate sign for a house for sale, just down the road and back behind the county lake. There are three houses on this private road surrounding the lake/dam area. So we came home, looked it up online, and found it was big enough:
4 bedrooms, 3 baths, family room & living room. New kitchen, new baths, new carpet/tile/laminate in the whole upstairs minus one bedroom, and a flooring allowance for the basement family room etc. area, with 2 acres. IN our price range, actually less then we'd spend if we build.

So I called our realtor about 7 days after we first found it BECAUSE I had emailed the listing realtor to verify that was the correct listing. We didn't see the house the first day, just the sign and by the address we weren't sure. After not hearing from her for a week we drove back by there to check the area out. Then called our realtor (she's a relative) to get an appointment to go check it out. We like it, enough to put in an offer. BUT we want to see a property map first, to see where the property lines go. Now, it's not the perfect house, and doesn't look like my dream house at all BUT with what we were planning to spend to build our dream house and what this one costs we could sink quite a bit into this one to redo anything we don't like and turn it into a dream house. OR build on those two acres later ;) So once again we're WAITING on their darn realtor to get back with us, well our realtor actually to see that property map!! Supposedly it will be in our realtor's hands tonight or tomorrow morning, then we may be able to put in an offer ~ of course that depends on what is going on with his Grandpa too.

There were some things we didn't like that would be in the offer, and we need to sell our house but I think it could all work out. I hope they take our offer or counter with something we're willing to go up to.

We spent Saturday working around here on things that need to be done before selling this place. But with the interest we had in it while we were working on it prior to moving it leads us to believe it will not be hard to sell. I mean everyday we had someone stopping by to see if it were for sale. And we've done the new kitchen since then, among other little things.

So Wish us Luck!!


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh good luck - I hope everything works out with the house!

jenn said...

I'm glad they were able to fix the problem, and I hope they can find the surgeon to fix it all the way.

Good luck with the house, too.

Angela said...

That's exciting news about the house! Keep us posted!!

sorry to hear about hubby's Grandpa. It's great, though, that he can go be a support to his grandpa and be there for him!

Jen said...

Oh man, I'm sorry to hear about your hubby's grandpa. Hopefully they can get him better soon.