Thursday, April 3, 2008


Do you recognize those letters?
Do they have 'special' meaning to you?

I know exactly what they mean as soon as I see them. To me it is:
New Kids On The Block
What else could it be to me, who LOVED them when they were out the first time. I had their records, I had all the stuff they sold with the boys on there. I had my favorite guy I drooled over...oh come on I was 13, don't tell me YOU weren't drooling over one of them! So who WERE you drooling over? ;)

So...have you seen the news?

They are reuniting. Yep, it's official.

They even have a website there is nothing on there yet EXCEPT a place to sign up for the updates and a countdown which has 6 hours on it right now LOL!! Now I admit I signed up.

I wonder what their new music will sound like? And for that matter, they are no longer kids, they are my age or closer to 40 then I am, so does the name even still make sense?


suprina said...

I never really listened to NKOTB. I had friends that did...I think I might had one of there cd's.

I know he doesn't sing. But when I was in High School I was REALLY into Scott Baio. I had posters of him all over my room.

Suprina said...

Oh Shoot...I hate when I do that...Jennifer the comment from jinxyheadbands is Me...Suprina (kitchentablechat, as if you didn't know that...duh)

jenn said...

I loved jonathan! And let me tell you, you could not see the walls or CEILING in my bedroom. It was covered with new kids stuff. They sold cloth banners, and I had all 6, one for each guy and the group one. They were huge, and covered my ceiling. I would lay in bed and stare at jonathan...

Oklay, I just confessed to WAY too much right there. I did see them in concert a few times, and they were great. I'm excited to hear their new stuff, and am on my way to sign up too LOL!

jenn said...

BTW...your link doesn't work!

Jen said...

LOL! I LOVED New Kids on the Block! I totally knew what it was as soon as you wrote it! That's so crazy they are getting back together. I'm gonna have to go to your link and read about it. How funny! :)

Julie said...

I was a big fan for quite a while. Yeah I heard about the reunion and even saw it on the Today Show. I drooled over a few of them during different phases of adolescence. Joey, Jordan, and then Donnie. Now, I am curious too as to how they will sound. Will they be trying to act 20?
By the way, there is a little more on their website now! (hee hee)

Anonymous said...

Donnie was ma boy! This is so cool! -- lori said...

OMG! I think it rules that New Kids On The Block has Reunited! NKOTB was always one of my favorite bands!
Check out for more news and info!