Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Now what?

I haven't forgotten about all of you (or the few of you ) who read here, and I've been reading at your place just not posting here.

My hubby was in Nashville for work last week and was due home at 11:34pm Friday night. Around 10:15 he calls me from Charlotte airport to say they've been delayed. They flew through horrible storms with tornado warnings, wind, hail, lightning, etc from Nashville to Charlotte and were grounded once there. They finally got in around 1:00am Saturday morning. SAFE and sound most importantly!!

Anyways, I was busy to say the least while he was gone with schoolwork, kids, ballet, RAIN every day which meant occupying those same kids in the house, migraine, you get the point.

But to get back on track of my title, we've worked our behinds off when public schools were out and I can now say we are 'technically' finished with our schoolwork for the year. J finished his Math & English curriculum Friday. YAY!!
Since it was so nice outside yesterday and I had several things I needed to take care of (making appt. with midwife for yearly exam, sitting on hold with insurance company to get windshield replaced in my van, setting up an appointment to go check out property we found that we're interested in!!!, checking to see how many tickets I need to get on the phone & purchase for dd's ballet performance on May 2, lunch, shower, laundry, you get the gist) I let them get by with doing nothing yesterday.

Now what? I'm not ready to just let them do nothing, especially since our weather IS improving but it's not going to be everyday we can be outside doing as we please. AND we have our standardized testing the last week of the month so I want to keep them 'in school mode' until then. I wish it were this week or next so we could get it over with & I wouldn't be worrying about the results not being back in in time for me to submit to the county BOE by June 30th.

We're reviewing states and their capitals, at least with J I am. I've been reviewing some spelling words with R for a week now. Out of 500 new words this year she's struggled with 50 of them, the first day we went through those and there were about 10-15 that she was still having a few problems with so we're reviewing those. However, there really isn't anything J has struggled with.

So..now what? What am I going to do with them for two weeks or so until testing? I've already determined that we are DONE after that. It will be May 1st, we're busy with that ballet performance on the 1st and 2nd so we'd be off that day anyways and we've been working since August sometime so give me some ideas!!

I've got a 5th grader (doing 6th grade spelling) and a 2nd grader (doing 3rd grade spelling) that I need to keep busy with something school minded. And I need to crack down on myself and finish up A's phonics lesson with him, we're halfway done with those. I've got to do some research as to what I'm going to do with him for preschool next year.


Julie said...

Ok, so I am ping ponging with my blog sites! I am back at liljuliebean.com due to a VERY nasty reader at the other one. I never had this problem on the old one.
Sounds like you are a busy woman! :)

forgetfulone said...

So good to hear that you are teaching phonics to your little one. Too bad not all home schools or even public schools do. It is so helpful. Have you decided what you're going to do with them for the next couple of weeks? How about an "elective" type curriculum such as health and nutrition (and they could help you cook, too) or drama or music or art? I don't know!

I do know what it's like to be cooped up with the kids for a long time.

Hey it's Amy Shipp said...

I am glad your hubby got home safely! {Hugs}

Char5 said...

Hi, Jennifer,

Just stoppin' by a few of the blogs this morning and, must say that I am a bit envious that you are finished with the school year. You did GOOD, we still have a bit to go and I still have to schedule our portfolio review. Sounds like you all have been busy at your house. Stop by my blog and say "hi" sometime.

Charlotte in WV
PS-Love the tunes