Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Some updates

We're doing it!!! Putting in an offer on the house & property. Our realtor dropped off the property map we'd wanted to see last night and we made the decision pretty quickly. We knew we wanted to make an offer as long as the property looked good. So, I called her she wrote it all out & I'm waiting on her to drop by here now to get a check and a signature on the paperwork so she can submit. C'mon!! I'm ready to do this!! LOL!!! We're fully expecting them not to take it but to counter so I'm anxious to see what the counter offer will be.

And hubby's Grandpa Dee is doing alot better. I knew this yesterday but I wanted to leave Halle at the top for the whole day too. Anyways, they put the pacemaker in Monday evening and yesterday morning he was joking with the nurses, worrying about grandkids/great-grandkids etc. They removed the ventilator sometime before lunch, Jason went to see him three times and said each time he looked better and acted more and more like himself. Arguing with Sandy (hubby's Grandma), griping because he didn't want anyone fussing over him and so on. The nurses told him if he continued to do well that he'd be moved out of MICU to a regular room today. We're not sure how long they like to keep a patient after a pacemaker procedure but we're not expecting him to be there very long, he'll be arguing and harassing the Dr's to send him home. Thanks for the thoughts & prayers!


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

Oh, good luck! I hope that everything works out with the house - it sounds awesome!

And I'm so glad that his Grandpa is doing better. Lots of good news here today - so nice to see. :)

kitchentablechat said...

I am so excited for you Jennifer. I can't wait to see updates from you about the progress on getting the 'new' house.

I am so happy that your hubby's grandfather is feeling and doing better.

jenn said...

I'm so glad grandpa is doing well.

Good luck with the offer! I hear now is a great time to be the buyer.