Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #11

I consider myself to be cheap aka frugal aka thrifty. So I thought I'd post thirteen ways I save money. Be sure to read the last one ;0)

1. Use coupons @ the grocery store for things you'd buy NOT for things you have a coupon for but wouldn't normally buy/use.

2. Shop end of season sales for clothes. Especially if you have children, I buy a size or two bigger for them to wear them the next year during that season.

3. Sign up for free sample offers online, this really can save you some money and doesn't take a long time to do.

4. Try the Store Brands, some things you'll never notice the difference while others you might want to return to using the brand name. I buy 80%-90% store brand products.

5. Eat out less. Or at cheaper places.

6. When eating out we drink only water. Of course we don't buy pop (soda for some of you ;) )for at home either as we don't drink it anymore. But if you do you can buy it cheaper at a store and drink it at home then the per glass price at most restaurants.

7. Our kids still share meals sometimes while eating out, especially the two younger ones who can eat smaller meals most times.

8. If you know that you're going to need birthday presents, wedding shower, baby shower gifts, don't forget to shop early. You can watch sales/clearances and often times find what you need cheaper then last minute when you HAVE to have something.

9. Do your research online. For vacations, electronics, cars, houses, whatever, research can really pay off!

10. Don't buy in bulk if you know it's going to go to waste. If you end up throwing it away, or half of it away you're probably not saving much money to begin with.

11. Before ordering anything online do a search for coupon codes for that site. It seems there are always some floating around out there that can save you some money!!

12. Need a night out but can't afford a babysitter? Trade sitting with a friend then you can return the favor when they need a night out.

13. AND last but not least, a friend and I have put together a new forum

Where we are posting coupon codes, travel budget information, FREE SAMPLE offers, contest links, instant wins, sweepstakes, etc. We'd love to see you there!! Just keep in mind we are just opening to public so we're still building our membership base but we'd love to have you join us and add your finds. AND we're still working on the background and such. We want to change it to something sparkly, bling bling, more befitting of a 'Diva' etc. IF any of you would like to play around making a header for us let me know. We have a few ideas but neither of us are real sure how to make them!!


Random person said...

I call it pop too! A Goodwill store recently opened up near my house and I really was skeptical about what I'd find there. To my surprise, I've found 6 pairs of pants, all with the tags still on for $3.99 each! AAAH!!! I love bargains! Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely be using them in the future :)

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

I already do (or try to) many of these - thank you for the suggestions! I always try to remember that finding ways to save money is at least as important as finding ways to earn it. :)

kitchentablechat said...

Great Tips Jennifer!
Great do a few of them...just might have to implement some more.

Happy TT!

Jen said...

Thanks for all the suggestions and I'm gonna check out your link FOR SURE!! Ya, I'm a total planner and a saver/thrify person, so going on vacation on a whim without planning about killed me!! :)

duchess said...

What great ideas - I really should be more careful about my spending. Thanks for sharing them.

Congrats on your daughter's ballet thing this summer. I was always a dancer growing up & it's a big deal to have a true Russian teacher. Keep me posted on how it goes.

Crystal said...

I love when you do these. I am SO bad at saving money. (Sorry I don't comment very often... I've become a reader lurker to cut down on my blogging time. But I have been reading faithfully!!)